Winter Polo - what you need to know

Have you ever been to a polo game? Racing horses on lush green fields is such a beautiful sight to see. However, there is a less popular variation of this popular sport that takes place on snow filled lands known as winter polo.

Winter polo, founded in Canda in 1859, offers a world of discoveries that many people have yet to experience. In this blog post, we'll look at five fascinating and uncommon facts about winter polo that will make you intrigued and willing to explore this thrilling sport.

winter polo

  1. Winter Polo includes Smaller and Sturdier Ponies:

Unlike conventional polo, winter polo frequently includes smaller and stronger ponies. These ponies have been particularly taught to easily negotiate the snowy terrain. Their quickness and endurance make them ideal companions for winter polo's fast-paced nature, providing an additional layer of excitement to the game.

winter ponies , winter horses

  1. The Prestigious Snow Polo World Cup:

The Snow Polo World Cup stands as a testament to the growing popularity of winter polo. This prestigious international tournament brings together top teams from around the globe, captivating both players and enthusiastic spectators. Held in various locations, such as the picturesque St. Moritz in Switzerland and the charming town of Aspen in the United States, the Snow Polo World Cup showcases the pinnacle of winter polo excellence.

polo world cup

  1. A Spectator Experience Like No Other:

Winter polo provides fans with a fully immersive experience. Many tournaments include heated tents or VIP areas, allowing spectators to enjoy the games while remaining warm and comfortable. This once-in-a-lifetime chance allows spectators to experience the sport up close, marvel at the players' skill and athleticism, and form a closer relationship with the ponies who make it all possible.

spectators, people watching a game during winter

  1. Philanthropy on the Polo Field:

Winter polo events frequently serve as platforms for charity causes, in addition to the sport itself. These events are held to raise revenue for local organisations or to support equestrian welfare projects. The combination of sport and philanthropy gives winter polo a meaningful and compassionate component, emphasising its potential for beneficial social influence.

  1. Modified Rules:

The traditional game of polo is excitingly modified in winter polo, which results in a mesmerising display on a field blanketed with snow. Winter polo brings the sport to a whole new level of adrenaline with a smaller playing surface, a larger and brightly coloured ball that shines out against the snowy backdrop, and players equipped with specialised spiked horseshoes for better traction

humans playing on a horse in the snow.

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