pampeano CSR

At pampeano we are continually striving to improve our company's CSR. CSR is a company's 'Corporate Social Responsibility' which is in place to encourage companies to be more thoughtful of the environment, maintain good working conditions, and share new initiatives of ways to improve in the future. Read below the ways pampeano has been improving its CSR.
Plastic-Free Packaging
100% plastic-free packaging for all our products, our aim here at pampeano is to become plastic free by 2025. We believe that not only are our products high quality and well-sourced, but that our packaging is too. We envisage, as a premium brand, that in choosing plastic-free packaging, we encourage all our customers to be environmentally thoughtful by sharing our initiatives on our social platforms as well as through our journal articles on our website.

packaging on wooden bench


 Our Focus on Quality

Our focus on quality over following trends enables us to make pieces which are built to last and will stay with you for many years to come – a pampeano belt is a belt for life. We pride ourselves on our high rate of returning customers who often come back to add to their collections of pampeano belts as well as those who want multiple styles for their pets. 

close-up of two people wearing belts

Carbon Footprint Reduction

Our additional warehouse specifically for our trade customers has recently been opened in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Having another warehouse in this location will decrease our carbon footprint considerably as it enables our products for trade to be shipped directly from Argentina to Europe instead of via our UK warehouse thus reducing air miles and subsequently our carbon footprint. Not only does it make it more environmentally friendly, it makes shipping to our European trade customers cheaper by minimising the distances the products have to travel.

warehouse boxes

Community Tree Planting

A continuation of our pledge to our improve sustainability credentials, the pampeano team engaged in a community initiative by planting fruit trees on nearby organic farmland owned by Gibson’s Organic, showcasing a commitment to community engagement and environmental stewardship. The team are excited to monitor the growth of the orchard and have pledged to care for and nurture the trees, watching them flourish over time.

Employee Care

Part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is finding ways we can limit our environmental impact. Not only that, but it is ensuring that all our colleagues in every department at pampeano are equally well treated from those who handcraft our goods in Argentina to our UK colleagues who pack and sell them.

 stitching a belt
Overall at pampeano we are working hard to continually make improvements as a brand and extend our CSR further as we grow. Everything from our 100% plastic-free packaging to our customer service is what, combined, adds a premium touch to the experience of pampeano.