Where are polo belts made?

Polo belts are internationally beloved, being worn by professional polo players, polo enthusiasts, and fashion lovers who can’t get enough of the colourful, intricate designs that make polo belts special. But where are polo belts made?

Traditionally, polo belts are made in Argentina.

Polo belts were invented in Argentina, created for polo players when the sport took off in the late 19th century. The British brought the sport over from India, where it had been played for many years. It quickly became a favourite sport of the Argentine gauchos (cattle ranchers), as they were all skilled horsemen. To denote which team was which, they designed these colourful polo belts, made from leather and thread, made in team colours.

how are polo belts made

Today, not much has changed. Our polo belts are still made with the same heritage techniques by local artisans passed on through generations, using high quality local materials in the heart of Argentina.

The leather is treated with a traditional vegetable tanning process, which ensures the leather’s butter-soft quality. Then, the artisans takes up to five hours to carefully hand stitch each polo belt with the intricate pampa diamond designs with vibrant wax-dipped saddlery thread.

The pampa diamond is an ancient Aztec motif which reflects the peaks and valleys of the Andes mountain range which overlooks the polo fields of Argentina.

We believe that heritage and tradition is so important when it comes to producing our luxury leather goods: it means each piece is made with years of expertise, and a lifetime of care. This allows you to be sure that each luxury leather polo belt from pampeano is a genuine piece of South American style.

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In keeping with the team belt origins, pampeano also supplies sports teams and regiements with custom polo belts - if you would like to chat with us about a team or club belt, get in touch!
where do polo belts come from