What to gift your dog for its birthday

Dogs truly are man's best friend, and just like any of your other friends, it's only right that you celebrate their birthday. Millions of people around the world celebrate their dog's birthday, spoiling them with their favourite things, partaking in fun, dog friendly activities, and maybe having a spot of cake. But what are the best things to gift your dog for its birthday? And what are some good dog bithday activities? Read on in this journal entry to discover and be inspired on your dogs special day. 
We think the best way to celebrate your dog's birthday is to get them a brand-new collar and lead, giving them a fresh new look for the year ahead. Here at pampeano we offer a range of premium leather dog collars and leads, in a collection of vibrant, colourful designs, all inspired by traditional Argentine polo belts. All of our designs are inspired by nature: in the Azules, your dog would look at home bouncing through the ocean waves; in the Caza, running through the trees of a forest or field; in the Audaz, playing amongst the autumn leaves. Our leads also bear an optional personalisation of up to ten letters, meaning you can stamp your dog's name along the lead for an extra special touch on their birthday. And why should your dog's birthday only be a celebration for them? With our collar, lead, and belt gift bundle, you can bag yourself a premium polo-inspired pampeano belt as well, for a coordinated look on your dog's birthday.
 dog in a field
One important aspect of any birthday, human or canine, is the food. We all remember what we used to eat for our birthdays as kids, and as adults often the highlight of a birthday is going out for a meal. So why should it be any different for a dog? A great way to celebrate a dog's birthday is to get them their favourite meal - whether that is a brand of dog food, or even a home cooked meal! And for desert, of course, birthday cake is a must. There are many companies that provide dog friendly cake these days, so find a local supplier nearby to you and get yourself a doggy birthday cake. Some people who have rescued their dog don't actually know their dog's birthday, so instead celebrate their "gotcha day", the day they got them. If this is you, perhaps a birthday cake would be wrong, so why not spoil them with a handful of their very favourite treats, or a new bone. Studies have shown that bones can be very good for a dog's dental health, so the old saying "give a dog a bone" might be very apt for your dog's special day!
 dog eating cake
Another great way to spoil your dog on their birthday is to buy them a brand new toy. Remember what it was like as a child to open the toy you'd been wanting on your birthday? Some behavioural studies have shown that a dog's intelligence is roughly that of a 2 year old child, so that analogy isn't as far fetched as you might think. And we all know that dogs enjoy playing with toys! Some like fluffy toys, some like tennis balls, and some like rubber bouncy toys. Whatever your dog's poison may be, their birthday is the perfect time to add to their toy box, and put in a good session of playing with them in the garden or living room. That's fun for all the family!
One last way that is a sure-fire way to make your dog happy on their birthday is to take them on a doggy day out to one of their favourite places, or to try somewhere new. Of course dogs like walks, so a long walk in the countryside around your area. Most public footpaths are dog friendly, but watch out for signs as to when they have to remain on your new pampeano lead. Many National Trust properties and estates are also dog friendly. And hundreds of beaches around the country allow dogs, and for many dogs, there is nothing better than splashing in the waves fetching a ball. Some dogs prefer walking the streets, and many big cities have places you can stop with your dog, with many cafes and pubs offering puppachinos and dog treats on the house - especially if they know it's your dog's birthday!
 dog sitting in a field
However you celebrate, we wish your dog a very happy birthday, and hope you celebrate together!