What does pampeano do?

We, here at pampeano, design, manufacture, and distribute luxury leather accessories, from our iconic polo belts to pet accessories, travel bags and more. But what’s the story? How did we begin? Where are we based? What do we make? Read on and discover all about what exactly pampeano do.

Inspired by the traditional sport of polo which is played all over Argentina, pampeano began providing polo teams with high end accessories and equipment. Soon, we branched out into fashion for the non-polo player, and the rest is history. We make all of our leather goods in our home in Argentina, before bringing them to our distribution centre in the heart of the UK, in Oxfordshire.

Tradition, heritage and quality are our core values, and are at the centre of everything we do as a company. This is translated into how we source our top quality local materials by hand picking the finest cuts of leather from local farms, treating it with care and respect using traditional manufacturing techniques such as vegetable tanning and hand stitching, and employing only the best in local artisans in South America, as well as passionate people here in the UK.

Our original and best loved product is the polo belt. Inspired by the traditional designs seen on the polo field back in the 18th century when polo first came to Argentina, our belts adorned with the vibrant pampa diamond motif are our bread and butter. That’s not to say we ever stop innovating - we are always coming out with new patterns and colour combinations, usually inspired by the natural beauty of South America. Take a look at our full range of exclusive polo belts right here on the website for more information.


We also design and create a broad range of other luxury leather accessories. bags, from everyday errand bags to travel bags for holidays line our virtual shelves. We also provide dog collars and leads in all different colours and styles, often to match the owner’s polo belt. And not to forget our smaller leather accessories, like our much loved keyring range, and our brand new polo belt inspired bracelets.


We always aim to please - we also enjoy working with sports teams, schools, and universities to create custom belts and accessories to suit the brand. Nothing pleases us more than to see a whole polo team trot out onto the field all wearing a custom, personalised pampeano polo belt. If you want to learn more about our customisation service, get in touch. But customisation isn’t just for sports teams - all of our belts bear an optional personalisation of up to three letters which are embossed onto the leather belt loop. This is just one of the things we do to make our customers feel extra special.


We are always pushing ourselves to create new, eyecatching, and crowd pleasing leather accessories. We focus on designing atemporal pieces inspired by South American heritage, timeless colour combinations, themes, and more to create pieces which never go out of style. That said, we do move with the times, paying attention to new trends and colours which go in and out of style. 

Explore our website and our other journal entries to learn more about the company and discover all of our gorgeous leather products. We hope you like what you see!