What are polo belts made of?

Polo belts have an unmistakeable, iconic look; those eyecatching diamonds of vibrant colour against the sumptuously rich leather tones make quite a statement. But what are polo belts made of? Polo belts are made of high quality, traditionally tanned leather decorated with colourful wax dipped saddlery thread and an authentic metal buckle.

Polo belts have their origins in Argentina, where the gauchos - or cattle ranchers - would compete in polo tournaments after the British brought the sport over from India. These skilled horsemen had a natural affinity for the sport of kings, and would create decorative belts to denote their team’s colours. Back then, the leather was cheap and low quality, as many of these workmen were poor. Today, polo belts are premium, luxury accessories, and as such are made with top quality materials - but still with all the love and heritage of the traditional polo belts of yesteryear.


pampeano are a world leading brand of traditional luxury polo belts. Our belts undergo quite the journey before wrapping themselves around your waist: first, the leather is handpicked by our local artisans in Argentina. They choose only the finest top grade Argentine cow leather. Then, the leather is tanned using a traditional vegetable tanning process, to ensure the leather remains butter-soft for years to come. Then, each belt is hand stitched with the vibrant thread in the iconic pampa diamond pattern: an ancient Aztec motif which reflects the Andes mountain range. This stage is complex and long, with each belt taking up to five hours to complete. Finally, the belts are completed with the buckle, and the pampeano logo stamped onto the leather, serving as a seal of quality. Then they are shipped to the UK for packing, and sent off to their final destination. Our belts have already gone on an adventure of their own, making them the perfect companion for your next adventure.

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