Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Her

Valentine’s Day is here again, and love is all around. And the pressure is on to make the day special for your loved one; you’ve planned a nice day out, you’ve chosen a special meal, you’ve got a sweet card - all you need is the perfect gift for the lucky lady in your life, and the day will be perfect. Well have no fear, as pampeano has a handy gift guide for you to peruse at your leisure, which will no doubt inspire you to gift the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day.

1. Fuerza pampeano Polo Belt

First of all, we have a brand new item from our Autumn/Winter collection - perfect for the fashionista with her finger on the pulse of the fashion world - the fabulous luxury leather polo belt, the Fuerza. Fuerza means “strong” in Spanish, and you can see why - this strong, striking colour scheme of bright pinks and blues certainly takes no prisoners. This would be the perfect gift for your strong female companion. To make it an extra special present, consider the optional personalisation of up to three letters embossed onto the leather belt loop, great for her initials.

People have been exchanging gifts on Valentine’s Day for a long time; Valentine’s cards have been popular since the 16th century; chocolates since the 17th century; and flowers since the 17th century as well. Today, gifts can range from a simple hug, to the yachts and sports cars of millionaires’ - what’s important is the love that the gift represents.

2. Pure Cashmere Scarf

Next up, take a look at this sumptuously soft Ocio cashmere scarf. We have a range of stunning colours of scarf: Navy and Light Blue, Pink and White, and Light Blue and Natural. These 100% cashmere scarves are lightweight - great for ease of transportation - yet supremely warm and comfortable to wear; the perfect combination! These scarves are great all year round, from cold winter days to cool summer nights. The Pink and White style may be the one to choose this Valentine’s Day, as pink is of course, the colour of love!

Today, Valentine’s Day is a huge industry - and for good reason; people love to look for excuses to treat their other halves, showing how much they mean to them. Around 40 million Brits celebrate Valentine’s Day each year, spending around a billion pounds between them. Now that’s a lot of chocolate!

3. Estilo Leather Crossbody Bag

Up next is this gorgeous Estilo crossbody bag. Stylish and practical, this compact bag is great for everyday use; from the daily commute to running errands. This bag also features some brand new colour combinations, so you can customise your purchase for a Valentine’s gift as unique as she is. Choose between three colours of leather, choose your favourite colour of pampa diamond, and choose between plain and hand stitched patterned strap. 

4. Choice of Any Tote Bag and Wool Cape

Lastly we have a special exclusive gift set; our tote bag and cape set. Choose a colour of luxury leather tote bag - a roomy, fashionable handbag, great for day to day activities as well as overnight stays. Then choose from our range of garments, available in natural colour shades. Our tote bags bear our iconic pampa diamond; an ancient Aztec motif which reflects the Andes mountain range. 

If your curiosity has been piqued by this gift guide, do take a look at the rest of our broad range of luxury accessories; we are sure you’ll find the perfect gift. Whatever you choose to give the special woman in your life, we wish you a happy Valentine’s Day, spent with the person you love most.

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