Travel with pampeano!

For an avid globetrotter, a key concern is always which bag to take on the next adventure. Whether this adventurer is yourself, or a loved one, we have the perfect range of premium handmade leather travel bags to end your search for good. Introducing the Caballero and the Varon: two high-end fashionable and functional bags for the modern jet-setter, ready for your next holiday getaway. The Caballero is our large travel bag, great for a week or two away. The Varon is our more compact option, ideal for long weekends or short city breaks. Read on to discover more about our luxury bags, and for some inspiration of where you might want to take your brand new travel bag from pampeano.
 man kneeling next to a leather bag
All of our bags are inspired by Argentine culture and are even hand made in Argentina by local artisans. Why not reunite the bag with its homeland and visit Argentina? Argentina has everything you could possibly want from a holiday: stunning beaches of Mar del Plata, bustling cities like Buenos Aires, incredible natural sights like the Iguazu Falls, deserts like the Salinas Grandes, breathtaking mountains of Patagonia, plains of La Pampa; the list goes on. As all of our products are originally inspired by the sport of polo, you could see a polo game in Argentina: where the modern game was born. The countryside polo fields or La Pampa at sunset are truly a marvel to behold. For the really adventurous, Southern Argentina is the jumping off point for visiting Antarctica: but always remember to do your research prior to any adventures! 
For shorter city breaks, the cities of Europe are always an excellent option. Flights are nice and short from the UK, and every city is bursting with hundreds of years of history, often shown in the remarkable buildings and landmarks that have stood for centuries. Modern Argentine culture is heavily influenced by Europe because of Spanish colonial period as well as lots of immigration all over Europe during the 19th and 20th Centuries: particularly from Spain and Italy. Because of this, if you want a taste of some of the cultures that influenced Argentina, a visit to Madrid or Rome might give you a taste. Argentina being a very Catholic country, Rome might be a good place to visit along with the Vatican City. Our stylish travel bags will allow you to blend in with the locals.
 man standing on steps carrying a bag
But of course, there's no need to be limited by the style of the bag. Our premium leather travel bags are durable and reliable and will last for many years and many trips, so you can really go anywhere in the world, again and again. The unique style of our bags makes them perfect for travelling through airports, as they are the perfect hand-held size and have an detachable shoulder strap for ease. Our Varon bag classifies as hand luggage on many airlines including British Airways which is very handy for short trips and saving time on arrival. 
 bag on a chair
Each of our travel bags is complete with a set of sturdy straps plus a detachable one, a soft blue cotton lining, zipped compartment, and finished with a hand stitched pampa diamond on the front, serving a seal of quality. They both come in a range of colours with a choice of strap style, so you can customise the bag just for you. We hope you have been inspired by this journal entry to get yourself a new premium travel bag to accompany you on your next adventure.