Top 5 luxury gifts for Father’s Day 2018

Current trends for Father’s Day gifts tend towards personalised and bespoke items. More and more people are taking the opportunity to make Father’s Day special by giving a gift that will last and really says something. With so much choice out there it can be difficult to know where to begin, but there are some classic gifts which every discerning father will appreciate. To make things easy for you here’s our list of five, certain to please, Father’s Day presents for 2018:

1. Polo belt

You can make a statement (and help your dad stay smart) with an initialled, handmade belt. For one, it’s a gift with universal appeal. Every self respecting man needs some good belts in their wardrobe. A belt which is not only excellent quality, but also hand made and initialled is a very easy but very effective way to make a sometimes lacklustre act of gift giving into something unique and memorable. There’s also the opportunity to add an extra personal touch to your choice of belt by choosing something which reflects taste in terms of pattern or design, for example with our classic polo belts.

2. Men’s leather bag

Something made from good quality leather that will last for a lifetime, even generations with the right care, can make a special present. A hand stitched leather briefcase can be an amazing gift as it’s something with a very practical application, that can be used regularly, and become a real part of someone's life.

pampeano’s Empresa leather bags provide the chance to give an especially bespoke Father’s Day gift, especially because, as a complimentary part of the package, you can add personalised initials.

3. Handmade leather wallets

Goods that are handmade are a great way to make Father’s Day presents special. Items like this really emphasise the personal touch, present in every stitch or piece of leather which is that little bit different.

Another essential for every man is a fine leather wallet. Add some luxury to an everyday item; beautiful vegetable tanned leather coupled with an unparalleled suede inner lining, as standard in any pampeano wallet. You can also tailor these fine leather wallets to your father’s taste with your choice of coloured leather and diamond motifs.

4. Rombo card slip

Not sure about a wallet but like the idea? How about a more slimline rombo card slip? Not only is it the most practical way for your father to keep his cards together, but it’s also made from the same stunning high quality leather as other pampeano items. Make this gift even more unique with the addition of complementary initials. 

5. Leather keyring

Maybe you want to keep gift giving simple, but still want to deliver something high quality for everyday use? A leather key ring can be a great reminder to your father not only of your relationship with him, but also to help him keep his keys together.

You can explore even more of the gift possibilities that pampeano can offer for any occasion at our gift collection page. It’s another great place to start your journey.