Thoughtful Mother's Day Gifts 2021

March is here and most years, that brings us one special day to celebrate a very important person in our lives; that’s right, it’s Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day, or Mothering Sunday, has been celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent since the middle ages, providing the perfect excuse to spoil your mother each and every year. If you’re looking for a touching, personal and practical gift for your mother, look no further; pampeano has some great gift ideas for you.

1. Skinny Azules

Firstly, consider the skinny Azules polo belt. This iconic traditional polo belt is a special skinny version, which is very popular with women of all ages. The Azules colour scheme is one of our most popular motifs, and it’s easy to see why; the timeless combination of the stunning blues is a classic look. The polo belt design uses pampa diamonds - an Aztec motif reflecting the Andes mountain range - which is hand-stitched on using wax-dipped saddlery threads. All of this on the Havana-brown butter-soft leather makes for a perfect luxury gift which will last for many years to come.

Originally started as a celebration of not the biological mother but the mother church - wherein people would visit the church in which they were baptised - but in the early 20th century the focus shifted to a celebration of the mother that birthed or raised you, in response to the founding of the American Mother’s Day.

2. Coralino

Next up we have a brand new design: the striking Coralino. This standard thickness belt in navy, turquoise and salmon is inspired by the coral reefs of Argentina, and the beauty of nature. All of our belts bear an optional personalisation of up to three letters, embossed onto the leather belt loop - perfect for initials, or, for Mother’s Day, why not “MUM”? Just imagine her face when she sees the three shining letters; if that won’t make her day, nothing will.

Today, Mother’s Day is celebrated all over the world, on all different days. In around 20 countries, it shares the 8th March with International Women’s Day. Many countries take the date from the US, celebrating on the second Sunday in May. Argentina, where pampeano is from, has its very own Mother’s Day - Día de la Madre - celebrated on the third Sunday of October.

3. Trapecio Bag

A mother’s bag is often a mysterious place, where she keeps everything from reading glasses, to sweet treats, to a good book; she always has everything she needs. So treat her to a new one this Mother’s Day, with our luxury leather Trapecio tote bag. This stylish and practical accessory is great for running errands, trips away, and the daily commute for the working mothers. With ample space inside and special pockets for devices, this bag is the perfect all-rounder for your mother. Available in navy, brown, or black, we’re sure your mother will love this quality handbag.

People around the world have different Mother’s Day traditions: in Sweden, children sell small plastic flowers and use the money raised to treat their mothers; in Japan, children all sketch their mothers; in Yugoslavia, children tie their mother up and only free her once they have been given gifts!

4. Moda Boots

Our final Mother’s Day gift recommendation is the luxury leather Moda boots. Inspired by the practically designed traditional polo players boot combined with the comfort intended for everyday wear, these boots are the perfect balance of style and substance. If your mother is a keen walker, or likes to look the part when strolling around town, these boots are the perfect gift. Available in brown, tan, navy and black, and with different coloured boot straps available, you can create a boot as unique as your mother.

Whatever you choose to get for your mother, we hope you can spend the day showering her with all the affection she deserves. Happy Mother’s Day!