Things to do in Argentina in Spring

If you're reading this pampeano journal entry in the UK, or even the US, you may be confused as to why we have written a guide to spring in Argentina as we are just entering autumn. The grey skies, long nights and falling leaves feel as far from springtime as you can get. But due to the tilt of the earth's axis, down in the southern hemisphere they are just coming out of the long winter and entering the bright, sunny, and blossom-filled spring. If you're looking to escape the dreary autumn days of home, a southern escape might be perfect for you, and there's no place better than Argentina in the spring. And that's why we've compiled this handy guide for the best things to see and do in that beautiful country at this beautiful time of year.
Visit the world famous vineyards of Mendoza
Mendoza is the wine making region of Argentina, as is known the world over for the superior quality of the wines as well as the gorgeous countryside. In spring the vines will just be blooming, making of a gorgeous sight. You can taste the best Malbec in the world straight from the barrel in Mendoza. It's a wonderful way to relax and spend time in the warm spring of Argentina.
grapes on a vine
Visit Buenos Aires at its most breath-taking.
Spring in the city is gorgeous: the streets are lined with blossoming jacaranda trees, the sun is shining, and all of the locals are so happy to be out and about after the cold winter. Many of the biggest and most exciting events in Buenos Aires take place in the spring: everything from the International Jazz Festival in November to the Buenos Aires Marathon - the largest in the southern hemisphere - in September: there really is something for everyone. Do a quick web search for the time you will be there and guaranteed you will find some exciting cultural event which takes over part of the city for a few days.
colourful buildings in buenos aires
Witness the wonder of nature
Springtime, all over the world, for many animals, is mating season. Maybe not quite what you want to be thinking about while on a relaxing holiday - or maybe it is - but one fantastic result of this is it is a great time to see large groups of animals congregating in their natural habitat. Patagonia, in southern Argentina, is home to some of the most spectacular wildlife on earth. Penguins, whales, sea birds, seals, and more will all be on show on the rugged coastline of this beautiful region. Spring is your best chance to see these incredible creatures in Argentina.
horses grazing in patagonia
Go to a polo match in the home of the sport
Of course, we at pampeano, a world leading supplier of polo accessories as well as polo inspired casual wear, would always recommend catching a game of polo wherever you may be. But in Argentina, the home of modern polo, it really would be a crime not to. Arguably the most important event in the world polo calendar, the Argentine Polo Open Championship, runs October to December. The world's best polo players will be competing in a series of high octane games which are always incredible to witness. If you'd like to fit in with all the local polo fans, get yourself a traditional polo-inspired leather belt right here on the pampeano website, and really be part of the action.
polo match
Of course there are countless more adventures to be had in Argentina in the spring, but consider this a jumping off point to inspire you to explore more possibilities for yourself. Whatever you end up doing in sunny springtime Argentina, we wish you a bon voyage!