The names behind pampeano products

If you are a naturally curious person, as you are browsing our extensive range of handmade premium pampeano belts, you may have wondered why they have the names that they do. What are the reasons behind the names we give our products? 
 belt on wooden stool
At our heart, pampeano as a brand is all about being inspired by nature: specifically, the beautiful and wild natural scenes of Argentina. It is for this reason we take inspiration from natural phenomena and features for the names of many of our belts. For example, we take much of our inspiration from the breath-taking Andes Mountain range that stretch the length of Argentina, overlooking the polo fields of La Pampa, pampeano's namesake. The Roca - meaning rock in Spanish - is made up of the striking monochromatic colours of the snow-capped rock faces of the incredible mountains. Similarly, the Sierra - which translates as mountain range - is inspired not only by the snowy peaks but also the frozen rivers that run through the valleys. Our designs themselves are also inspired by the Andes: our iconic pampa diamond motif that adorns all our classic polo-inspired pampeano belts is based on an ancient Aztec pattern which originates with the mountains. 
 belt hanging over a wooden chair
We take inspiration from many aspects of nature for the names of our leather belts. The Azules - meaning blue - is inspired by the glittering ocean as seen from the shores of Argentina. The Terraqueo - meaning Earth - is inspired by the view of Argentina as seen from above. The Caza - meaning hunt - is inspired by the beautiful colours of the countryside that the hunters of Argentina would be familiar with. And who could forget the Ceibo. The Ceibo is the national flower of Argentina, and the Ceibo belt takes inspiration from the bright red flowers, as well as the soaring blue skies that frame the flower in its natural habitat, which also reflects the bright blue of the flag of Argentina. 
woman walking wearing boots and a belt
Our natural inspiration and dedication to nature doesn't end with the names of our products; it also informs many of our practices as a business, including our manufacturing process. It's important to us to look after nature, as it looks after us, which is why we have taken steps to become a more sustainable business. We use a natural, traditional vegetable tanning process to tan our hand-picked Argentine leather, which is not only much better to the environment than the cheap chemical processes used by many companies, but it also creates a softer, more comfortable and durable finished product. We have additionally gone completely plastic free with our packaging and have increased our scrap leather usage to reduce waste by producing belt hooks. 
plastic free packaging on a wooden bench with flowers
All this said, it's true that not all of our product names are explicitly inspired by nature. Some are named after human qualities: the Valiente (brave), the Audaz (bold), the Dulce (sweet), the Sereno (serene), the Igualdad (equality), the Confianza (trust), and more. The colours chosen line up with the feelings that these qualities produce. These belts are about the ways we try and live our lives, as we are inspired by our belts as we wear them. 
belt on hessian with flowers
So if you'd like to be inspired by nature, or any of these aspirational qualities, do take a look right here on our website at our full range of premium leather pampeano polo belts, complete with a number of exclusives you won't find anywhere else.