The Importance of a Good Wallet

Throughout history, since the dawn of currency thousands of years ago, people have needed ways to carry their money. From satchels to coin pouches to the first wallets in the 17th Century which came with the introduction of paper currency, you can always tell a lot about a person from the quality of their wallet. In this journal entry, we will detail what makes a good wallet, as well as suggesting some good choices of luxury leather wallet should you be looking for a new one.

There are many different variations on the classic wallet, which suit different people depending on how they will be using the wallet. One of the most popular designs of wallet worldwide, the bi-fold wallet, is a great all rounder: it has a large pocket to fold notes into, and a range of card slots for credit, debit, and business cards. We offer a standard version of this style, and also an alternative version with a handy coin pouch inside; perfect for the more old-school user who likes to keep spare change around. However, not everyone wants to carry everything around all at once - some prefer a more sleek, minimalist approach - something that won’t ruin the line of a trouser leg, and is lightweight and portable. For this purpose we stock a card-slip style wallet, which fits the essential cards and a few folded notes, while retaining that minimal look. For the commuter on the go, we created the Travel Card holder, which fits a few cards and notes as well as holding a window designed for oyster cards and bus passes.

Another important feature of a wallet is to have some distinguishing feature; there’s nothing worse than, having lost your wallet, reporting it and having to describe it as a “plain black leather wallet” - it’s only making everyone’s job harder. For this reason, and of course, for the reason of good taste and style, we have a plethora of colour combinations of wallet to suit each of our individual customers. All of our wallets come in an option of at least three colours - usually brown, black, and navy - and within each colour, there is a choice of colours of our signature pampa diamond which adorns each wallet - this diamond is not only our logo but a traditional Aztec design resembling the Andes mountains. To make your wallet even more individual to you, we offer optional personalisations of up to three letters which will be embossed onto the luxury leather: great for initials.

In the 21st Century, what people carry in their wallets has changed significantly even over the last few decades. Carrying cash has become more and more rare, with more people favouring debit and credit cards with the rise of contactless payments. In this current climate, the security of your wallet is more important than ever. It is for this reason that we are proud to say that all of our wallets are equipped with RFID (Radio-frequency identification) signal-blocking shielding to protect your cards from high-tech fraudsters who can steal funds and read data from cards from outside the wallet if it’s not properly secure. All of our wallets are also lined with sumptuously soft light blue suede to keep your cards safe and secure at all times, and to prevent scratches and breakage.

Arguably the most important element of any wallet is the quality. Along with all of our luxury leather products, we take pride in producing only the highest quality of goods. The leather is handpicked by local artisans in Argentina, and undergoes a lengthy traditional tanning process which ensures the leather remains butter-soft and durable for many years. Then our products are pain-stakingly hand stitched for hours at a time using the best wax-dipped saddlery threads available. All of this ensures that each of our products will perform its purpose at the highest level, and not need replacement for years to come.

We hope you have learned something from this journal entry, and hope that your interest has been piqued by our selection of luxury leather wallets. Do browse the rest of our range of leather accessories; we’re sure you’ll find something for you.