Take a tour of Argentina with us

There are so many amazing places to visit in the wonderful world of ours; so many different countries with unique cultures, sights, and experiences to explore. One of the best countries in the world to visit is Argentina. Okay, we might be a bit biased, as pampeano was born in the La Pampa region of Argentina, but we promise it has some of the most breathtaking locations, interesting experiences, and cultural cities in the world. But even within each country, there is so much to explore. Where to begin? This virtual guided tour of Argentina will take you through some of the top places to visit within the incredible country.




Buenos Aires

First on our tour is the place that many people will fly into in Argentina: the capital, Buenos Aires. Being the capital, of course it is the biggest city, and most varied in terms of things to see and do. The culture here is amazing: it is the home of tango, and you can take part in genuine Argentine tango in the dance halls; the football is fantastic, and you can catch a match of some of the best playing in the world; there are countless museums and arts events to attend; extremely tasty and varied food; and of course there are incredible street parties and nightlife all year round!

buenos aires


The Pampas

Next up on our tour of Argentina is the Pampas. The Pampas are areas of rural grassland where you will find small towns and farming villages among the beauty of nature. Here is where you will find one of Argentina's iconic figures: the Gaucho. Gauchos are Argentine cowboys, and are legendary in folklore. But they are also real, and live and work in the Pampas cattle ranching all year round. There are Gaucho tours and Gaucho experiences to enjoy for tourists - make sure you try an asado: a traditional Argentine barbeque. It's not just Gauchos that you will find in the Pampas - it was here that the modern game of polo was developed, and polo is still played in the area, both on a grassroots and professional level. Make sure to watch a game, or even play a bit of polo yourself!

 gaucho in the pampas

Iguazu Falls

 Something you can't miss if you're in Argentina is the world famous Iguazu Falls. This waterfall system is the largest in the world, and is even a UNESCO world heritage site. It's set in amongst the breathtaking rainforest in a national park on the border of Argentina and Brazil, and there are incredible railway and bus services that will give you amazing views of the natural wonder of the world.


iguazu waterfalls

Tierra del Fuego

The last place on our tour of Argentina is fittingly Tierra del Fuego (meaning the Land of Fire), as it lies at the end of the country, and indeed the continent. It's home to the southern most city in the world, and the region is home to incredible other-worldly natural scenes filled with craggy rocks, wind-swept cliffs, and unique wildlife. Tierra del Fuego is a common jumping off point for visitors to Antarctica, so if you're an intrepid explorer that might suit you well. The area is part of the Patagonia region of Argentina, a region famous for hiking, natural scenes, and of course penguins!

andes mountain

Visiting these four locations will let you see the four extremes that the country has to offer: vibrant city life, beautiful rural grassland, arid rainforest, and rugged beauty at the end of the world. It doesn't stop there, Argentina also has the world famous Andes mountain range, as well as incredible glacial lakes and salt flats - but this tour can't last forever! If you're planning on visiting Argentina, take a look at our range of genuine Argentine premium leather travel bags right here on our website. And if you want to look the part, make sure to grab one of our iconic polo-inspired pampeano belts to take with you!