Sweet and serene polo belts for Spring 2016

For Spring/Summer 2016 we are excited to reintroduce two of our much loved hand-embroidered leather polo belts.

By popular request, we have now brought out a version of the Sereno polo belt in skinny size. This chic, unisex design was inspired by the serene Rio de la Plata, which translates as River of Silver. The combination of deep indigo, silver-blue and cream is a tribute to the tranquillity of this grand South American river. The Havana brown leather is the perfect complement to this colour palette, which you can pair with your favourite pieces, refreshing your summer wardrobe with a treasure from Argentina.

The skinny width is 2.5 centimetres, and very popular with women, fitting through smaller belt loops on jodhpurs and jeans. It suits a smaller frame exceptionally well and can be used to cinch in the waist on dresses, jackets or light cardigans. The Sereno looks amazing when paired with our exquisitely soft, hand-knitted cashmere throws and scarves in beautiful neutral tones.

Continuing the theme of refreshed design, the Dulce has re-emerged with a beautiful new look. This sweet, candy-coloured belt has been re-imagined, and will appeal especially to those who are already fans of the Hermoso, Sereno and Jugadoro. 

Sweet Belts

Richly dyed navy, pale pink and cream threads make up the Dulce, with pampa diamonds showing through in the buttery soft leather. Effortless glamour is afforded to this belt, with the attention to detail that sets pampeano polo belts apart from the rest.

Wax-dipped saddlery threads have been wound tightly round the thick leather in a process of handstitching that takes between 4 and 5 hours. With every piece a stunning example of traditional South American leatherwork and hand-stitching, you can be sure that your polobelt is unique. Each belt has a personality, and tells a story about an aspect of the South American lifestyle that has inspired our designers.

Explore our fantastic new collection of belts and let us know which one is your favourite!