Summer belt styles we recommend

Summer is here and we are all enjoying the lovely weather, fun activities, and relaxed social atmosphere that this balmy time of year brings. And summer is also a unique time in the world of fashion, in that it brings out a whole new wardrobe for everyone. The shorts come out, the billowing summer dresses, the sunglasses and the light silk and cotton shirts. And there is one vital accessory that must adorn any summer look to make it complete: the belt. The business meetings and dull rainy days of autumn and winter may suit plainer belts, but the summer months require more audacious and vibrant belts to create fantastic summer memories. Here at pampeano, not only do we stock a wide range of premium polo inspired pampeano belts, we also, right here in this journal entry, have compiled a list of the best summer styles of luxury polo belt we recommend. 
Sereno means serene, and the colour scheme is inspired by the tranquil Rio de Plata in Argentina. The bright blues of this belt reflect the blue waters of the famous river, and make for a cool belt for the hot summer. This colder colour scheme would go well with a casual suit or summer dress in similarly cool colours, to act as a contrast to the heat of the sun this summer.
blue navy and cream leather belt
The word Dulce means sweet, and the best way to enjoy the sweet, sweet summertime is in this bright and vibrant pampeano belt. You can imagine yourself dancing on the beach with this bright belt around your waist. It would suit a light colour pallet: some white jeans perhaps? And don't forget your wide brimmed hat for the sunny days. The Dulce is great for women or men.
pink navy and cream leather belt
Inspired by the national flower of Argentina - what could be more summery than enjoying the beauty of nature in the South American sun? Imagine the scene: you're seated in a leafy garden overlooking the vineyards of Argentina, a glass of chilled white wine in your hand, the other softly caressing a wild Ciebo flower. A polo shirt, some light chinos. Around your waist: the Ciebo pampeano belt. This dream could be yours, and it all starts with this belt.
woman wearing a red and navy belt
Hermoso means beautiful, and of course, we would all love to have a beautiful summer. The Hermoso is simple, elegant, but adds a strike of detail and intrigue to any bright summer outfit, for men or women. The almost monochrome look makes it a great addition to any wardrobe, to be worn again and again, all summer and even into the colder months. Truly a belt for all seasons.
pink and navy leather belt
Whichever belt you choose, we wish you a great summer from all here at pampeano.