stylish equestrian accessories

pampeano has its roots in polo and to this day we provide the finest equestrian accessories to enthusiasts and professionals. Each is inspired by the Argentinian passion for horsemanship, and the unique South American lifestyle.

Equestrian accessories

We stock a whole range of riding tack and accessories, in stunning, smooth leather that is of the finest quality. Durable and sleek, our leather equestrian products are used by polo professionals, show jumpers and riding enthusiasts.


For those who wish to venture beyond the traditional aesthetic, we offer not just plain leather products, but a range of accessories that are more decorative.  The South American traditional pampa diamond is an iconic pattern. It recalls ancient depictions of the vast landscape, such as you will find in the region of La Pampa. Vast, dramatic mountains overlook rugged plains, where the famous gauchos tend cattle and practice their world-renowned horsemanship.


Our Argentine saddle blankets in a range of beautiful colours. Each one would be right at home on a gaucho’s horse, and you can choose your favourite design. Don't forget to pair with bandages and browbands to match. Although we stock smart, black bandages we know that many people like to choose from our coloured options. This enables the entire pony string to be uniform - a manifestation of pride in the team.

Evoking the South American style for which pampeano is famous, we also offer browbands and overgirths in stunning traditional patterns. These again coordinate wonderfully with other accessories from our range. With our patterned equestrian accessories, you have the opportunity to stand out from the rest with confidence. Show your own unique spirit on the field.

Finally, no polo player or avid equestrian can be complete without finishing off their complete pampeano tack set with a stylish, matching classic pampeano polo belt to complete the look. Showjumpers often pick a polo belt to match their pampeano browband whilst polo players often opt for their team colours.