Styling ideas for different dog breeds

With the festive period edging ever closer, the time has come for us to start stocking up on luxury gifts for our loved ones. This, of course, doesn’t just apply to our spouses, parents or children but also our beloved pets. They say that a dog is a man (or woman’s) best friend, so why not treat them as such by reading our latest feature.

In the latest article from the pampeano journal, we take a look at styling ideas for different dog breeds, dog grooming tips and which accessories you can choose to make sure your best friend looks the part this Christmas. These are also great gift ideas for a loved one who has pets, so they can enjoy stylish country dog walks. Some of pampeano's dog collars have a matching polo belt and both belts and dog leads can be personalised with signature blind-embossed initials which are hand-pressed into the leather.


Dog Grooming

The first step to ensuring your dog looks the part is undoubtedly high-quality grooming.  Whilst some owners prefer to take their pets to professional groomers, it is possible to do some basic grooming at home with the right tools.  With some experience and know-how, there’s no reason why grooming your pet can’t become enjoyable and it is also a great way for you and your pet to bond.

Brushing your dog, bathing them and cutting out any knotted fur can make all the difference to your pet’s appearance.  A tip for beginners, having someone to hold and pet your dog is an ideal way to calm any nerves and make your dog as relaxed as possible. This will speed the process up significantly and mean that your dog will not dread grooming in the future.

For dogs with a curly, wavy or long coat such as a Bergamasco or a Spaniel, there is a good chance that he will require a regular routine to keep him looking his best.  With many breeds, clipping hair will reduce matting and knots in the fur and with experience, you can fashion your dog a hairstyle that’ll make him look ever so sophisticated and elegant.

Dog Hairstyles

A dog’s haircut can differ depending on the breed of dog and whilst some dogs’ owners tend to go for similar hairstyles for their dogs, there is opportunity to get really creative.

Whether your dog has short or long hair, you will want to keep fur clean and brushed out to ensure he looks his best at all times.  This can become particularly difficult in winter when dogs’ hair tends to get dirty a lot more easily, on long walks through the country hills and fields.

High Maintenance Pups

For some dog owners, the idea of owning a longer haired dog is very appealing and allows them to express themselves a lot more when it comes to styling.  Whilst they require a lot of maintenance, long haired pups really can look the epitome of luxury and there is an abundance of opportunities in terms of grooming and style.

Because caring for a long-haired dog can be laborious, it often becomes a hobby for many owners who opt for the more creative hairstyles for their dogs.

Brushing and styling a long-haired coat may take time but it is extremely rewarding and what better reward is there than receiving admiration from your peers and of course your dog gets the attention they deserve.




Styling and Accessories

The choices of dog styling are endless for you and your beloved dog, whether you are looking for individual, co-ordinated or personalised pieces, pampeano has something to suit everyone.

Leather collars and matching leads are the perfect way to accessorise your dog without going over the top.  To really spoil your dog and set him apart from the other pets in the park, personalisation goes a long way. You can opt to have up to 5 initials blind embossed onto the leather of the dog lead. The leather is decorated with vibrant, hand-stitched saddlery threads, which have been wax-dipped for easy cleaning. The threads have been woven tightly to ensure that your dog's new accessories will last for a lifetime of long walks and play. The attractive designs are Aztec depictions of the Andes Mountain range of Argentina,  with colours to suit every breed of dog, inspired by the iconic pampeano polo belts.

These tips have been brought to you directly from the team at pampeano but how you groom and accessorise your dog is obviously entirely down to you. Be sure to take a good look through our range of premium dog accessories and order online to give your dog the treat they deserve this winter.