Statement belts to brighten office attire

Handstitched statement belts

The belt is an often-neglected area of men's attire. Swap the traditional plain variety for statement belts that tell a story. Each design in the collection was inspired by a particular aspect of our experience in the very heart of South America, in La Pampa where we have our roots. Here, against the rocky backdrop of the dramatic Andes Mountains, gaucho cowboys ride through the estancia, displaying unrivalled horsemanship and a sense of adventure. A pampeano polo belt owes its success to a winning combination of traditional craftsmanship and innovative British design.

Many people may settle for dark colours, to blend in with the rest of the outfit, but adding something eye-catching and unique can transform the entire ensemble. All pampeano polo belts are handcrafted from Argentine stirrup leather with hand-crafted woven designs that reflect the beauty of South America. For a stunning fresh look, thread a pampeano polo belt through the belt loops of formal trousers and match with a crisp, pale blue or white cotton shirt.


If your work wardrobe is filled with darker colours, you can pair the classic principe polo belt (below) with your office outfits. This regal leather belt is hand-stitched with cream diamonds, and centre pattern in red saddlery thread that was traditionally a symbol of warriors.


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mesh detail cotton shirt

A statement piece doesn’t have to be overly dramatic. To style a statement piece, finding the right balance is the key. This modern and classy white cotton Dior shirt with blue mesh detail is the perfect statement piece for your summer workwear. The electric blue mesh highlights the fine quality of the shirt and it adds a splash of colour to the proceedings. It is a statement piece for your office wardrobe that won't overpower the whole outfit.


bold colour suits

Colourful suits are just as elegant as the classic dark tone versions. A bright colour suit will make you look more energetic and refreshing. Pale fabrics in a lighter gauge, paired with linen shirts, are the perfect choices for the majority of warm-weather occasions - from summer weddings to smart cocktail parties. Cream and royal blue are also good for everyday workwear. Another option for the summer season is to swap your trousers for tailored chinos - Voila! Summer workwear never looked so fresh.


statement pocket squares

The pocket square is an under-rated accessory for formalwear. It is a way to showcase individual style, and your choice can be coordinated wonderfully with other accents on an outfit.

We love the iconic silk twill gavroche style from Hermès. Explore the range of beautifully intricate patterns, on slinky silk that can be folded neatly into your top pocket, or styled according to your own preference.


Carry the colours in your statement belt through to lapel-level, by combining the colours in your favourite pampeano polo belt with this blue Hermès pocket square, featuring delicate, vegetal designs.



The design of the Principe allows for much more of the buttery soft, rich brown leather to show through. This warm Havana brown can be enhanced with a silk pocket square featuring plenty of red, and this style has beige panels at either end to match the regal, crown-like stitching on the Principe.

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