Send a present from the UK to Europe, send a gift from the UK to the US, or from the UK to anywhere in the world!

Here at pampeano, we are a truly international company. With our headquarters in the UK, our premium leather products being produced in the heart of Argentina, some of our team working remotely all over the world, and all of us loving to travel we know that international, hassle free, shipping is essential.

More and more these days, people move around the globe, and while modern technology like video calling can soften this blow, we can still find ourselves missing our loved ones overseas: especially when it comes to special days like birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas. It’s bad enough not being able to see your loved ones, but when you try and send them a gift you’ve picked out, you’re hit with countless hoops to jump through and potentially punitive export/ import fees to treat your friend or family member. pampeano now ensures that the final price you see is the final price you pay – and the recipient doesn’t pay anything to import the present at the customs border. Another reason to order a luxury leather accessory from pampeano: sending one of our products to Europe or the US as a gift couldn’t be easier. We offer a fast, reliable EU and international delivery service.

Whether you’re looking for hassle-free shipping to send a gift to Europe from the UK, or to the USA from the UK, pampeano has you covered with free shipping with any orders over EUR100/ USD 100. So if you have loved ones overseas, and you would love to send them a present without the trouble of packing it up, and paying extremely high costs for international shipping at the post office we can cover that for you. All you have to do is enter your loved one’s address when it comes to the delivery details, and we will send your gift straight to them, and the price you see covers both shipping and any applicable customs duty, and paperwork; a considerable burden in the post-Brexit era.

Not only do we offer hassle-free delivery, all of our premium handcrafted leather products are delivered in attractive, plastic free packaging; our belts arrive in beautiful, simple boxes, which double as storage boxes to de-clutter their wardrobe. All of our genuine leather accessories arrive in lovely gift bags, too.

Our seamless delivery system to the UK here at pampeano is perfect for customers in Europe looking to send presents to the UK. We take care of all the paperwork you’d otherwise have to deal with if you order directly from us to your loved one in the UK.

Now, all that’s left to do is to choose the present you’d like to send! Whether it’s a unique Father’s Day gift or a personalised Mother’s Day present, our full range of stylish fine leather accessories can be found right here on our website, including exclusive premium products you won’t find anywhere else. We suggest checking out our iconic artisanal leather polo-inspired belts for which we are best known as a starting point, but do explore our range of travel bags, hand woven colourful keyrings, and other expertly crafted leather accessories.