Pony trekking: Adventures across the Andes

The pampeano journal is a collection of stories and inspirations from our favourite part of the world, in the very heart of South America. Today we are taking a very special journey, travelling to the heights of the hills in the Andes Mountains on horseback. Pony trekking is an unforgettable experience for any visitor to Argentina who wishes to travel authentically and to see the stunning landscape as generations have seen it for thousands of years.

pony-trekking-through-patagonia Some of the most breath-taking views of Patagonia are only available to the most intrepid of travellers.

What is pony trekking?

P0ny trekking is a challenge that reaps rewards. The Aconcagua Mountain is the tallest of the entire Andes and indeed the Western Hemisphere. On a trekking adventure, it can be seen right up close. Here, you can ride against the backdrop of the most impressive of all the peaks. Similarly, the Valle Hermoso offers some of the most wonderful sights in this region. This very apt name means the 'beautiful valley'. One ride takes you from the Chilean lake district, across the border and right over the mountains. It eventually concludes in the Argentinian area of Nahuel Huapi. This is a national park conservation area that is bursting with thousands of species of wildlife and rare sights.

The Patagonia wilderness is a sight that is rare and extremely special. This is a secret trail that was previously used only by smugglers. On pony trekking trails, native guides lead you and will also show you what the real land in this region has to offer. As a result, you can experience rare sights that are truly off the beaten track. Criollo horses, asados under the sunset and Argentine tango are just some of the unmissable experiences waiting for you on the pony trekking trail.


Exploring the grassy land in the hills of the Andes is the experience of a lifetime. Exploring the grassy land in the hills of the Andes is the experience of a lifetime.

What kind of horses do gauchos use?

The horses used by gaucho cowboys in this region are descended from the wild Argentinian horses. They are bred by gauchos who possess an unrivalled talent of rearing and taming these magnificent creatures. Riding on horseback, you can spot local wildlife from condors and eagles in the sky above, to guanacos and local deer who roam peacefully across the rugged land.

Views like no other from the hills of the Andes Views like no other from the hills of the Andes

It is impossible not be inspired whilst pony trekking, when one travels as the locals do across this stunning area. Here, flora and fauna flourish and thrive in their natural habitat. This is a part of the world that is one of richest when it comes to native wildlife. There are many species here which exist nowhere else on the globe. They possess a beauty that only the most intrepid adventurers will be able to experience.

Adventure is all over the Andes, whose rocky peaks and dramatic silhouettes characterise the landscape around them. This unique geographical feature has always had a profound effect on artists, creators, authors, poets and travellers who come to witness the awe-inspiring Andes. There are clues across our entire collection which point to the landscape of our first home in La Pampa, Argentina. The pampa diamonds and colourful threads that you will find on our famous polo belts and equestrian accessories all have certain meanings, and each piece of finely crafted, hand-stitched leather tells a story about our journey in this region.

The meaning of the geometric designs

The geometric dips and falls in our pampa diamond designs are traditional patterns. They recall the troughs and peaks of the Andes, as they cast their mysterious silhouette, black against the sunset sky. It is for this reason that the artists and craftsmen native to Argentina historically created such patterns, inspired by the landscape all around them.

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To discover the stories behind our designs, explore our range of polo belts here. These are the most famous of the pampeano collection. They have gained worldwide attention for their winning combination of authentic, traditional craftmanship and stunning design. Each belt takes 4 to 5 hours to create, and is meticulously hand-stitched by an artisan who has learned his skill from generations before him. Each belt is a treasure of the South American lifestyle. The belt transports the wearer straight back to its home in the vibrant region of La Pampa, Argentina.