Polo products by pampeano

Here at pampeano not only do we stock a wide range of beautiful premium leather accessories, from our signature iconic polo-inspired pampeano belts to our dog collars and leads, but we also work with clients - from top brands to local sports teams - to create bespoke leather products of all kinds. If you are a polo team, whether professional, grassroots, or representing a school or university, we could create some personalised top quality polo gear together, in a bespoke design using your team colours. Read on to discover what we have created in the past for other teams to get you inspired.


One of our most popular pieces of polo equipment is our arena balls - ours are some of the most commonly used arena balls in the UK and are completely match legal. Our standard arena balls are orange, and we often create bespoke designs for specific clients including the team logo, or the tournament they will be used in. We also make standard polo balls or bochas; again, team branding is usual, and we'd love to work with your team in creating the perfect ball for you.

polo ball on belts

For the horse, we have created bespoke overgirths, often decorated with traditional Argentine designs. Polo originated in Argentina, so connecting with the heritage of the sport is very important to us. That said, if your team would prefer stripes, checks, or other patterns, that can also be arranged. Stirrup leathers are another piece of tack we have created for our clients; if you take a look at our range of traditional polo belts you may get an idea of the different designs that may be possible, as the stirrup leather of course resembles a belt in many ways.

horse standing in tack

For the rider, apart from the obvious polo belts, we have designed bespoke kneepads; strong, sturdy, reliable and stylish, as well as custom spur leathers. But it doesn't stop there - any leather item of tack or kit for your horse or your rider, we can feasibly create with you in the style and colours of your polo team. The limit is your imagination.

pampeano belt and scarf

All the above are exclusive, one-off creations that we make specially for each client. We also stock some standard tack in our regular range, which may already suit your needs. Take a look right here on our website to see our range of premium leather headcollars and browbands, decorated with the ancient pampa diamond motif in vibrant hand stitched threads. Maybe you like the look of these, but think they would look better in your team colours? No trouble at all, we can create unique colourways in your team colours to complete the coordinated look from rider to horse.

horse wearing a headcollar

All of our polo gear is made with the same top-grade materials, by the same experienced artisans, with the same traditional techniques as all of our premium leather belts and other accessories. This means that you can set your mind at ease, knowing that these accessories and equipment are of the highest quality and will last for many years and many games to come. We have been a recognised name in UK polo for many years, and we would love to continue that legacy by working with as many polo teams as possible.


If you're interested in finding out more, or maybe you've already got a vision in mind, we'd love to talk about it. Send us an email at trade@pampeano.co.uk to start the journey with us. We can discuss designs, mock ups, numbers, timelines, and ultimately deliver the finished product, completing your polo team with some brand new premium bespoke leather gear.