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When the British sun finally makes an appearance, we like to make the most of it. Seize the day in style with pampeano and take picnic inspiration from our range of beautiful accessories for country life and outdoor pursuits.

Navaho Picnic blanket and picnic straps

A large picnic blanket will accommodate everyone. Our navaho picnic rug is a generous size and very versatile. The natural fibres are resilient against outdoor use, and this rug can be washed on a wool wash or cleaned with a damp cloth if needed. 

Click here to discover more about the traditional artistry that is behind our handwoven rugs.

navaho-picnic-rug-pampa_large Available in turquoise, red, navy, beige and black.

Choose from a variety of fantastic colours and bring that cheerful Summer spirit to the proceedings.  The signature pampa design that you can find throughout our collection is echoed in the stitching on leather picnic blanket straps, perfect for carrying your picnic rug in style.

You can opt to purchase the set, with a picnic rug in your choice of colour and leather picnic straps included. Luxurious natural materials are combined with stylish design, in versatile pieces that can take you beyond picnics, into home interior design. For alternative ideas, why not store cosy winter blankets neatly in a set of picnic straps?


out of the ordinary

venison salad

This filling salad may be a welcome surprise to those who crave something substantial on a country walk. We have taken inspiration from a Mayan recipe, which uses leftover meats (traditionally this is venison) to create a delicious salad. 

Shred the venison roughly and place in your salad bowl. Now for the dressing, which is has a refreshing, citrusy tang to offset the richness of the meat. Combine some fresh orange juice with a little lemon and salt, and add finely chopped coriander. Once you have poured this evenly over the meat, it's time to add chopped radishes and cherry tomatoes.

Don't forget to wrap the salad in your favourite kind of tortilla for an easy picnic parcel.

Photo by Holly A. Heyser

Photo by Holly A. Heyser


pastry-less pork pie

pastry-less-pork-pie Photograph from Good Food Magazine

This delicious recipe uses thin slices of courgette to replace the calorie laden pastry. If you have to cater for gluten-free guests, this is an impressive work of art to surprise them. Everybody can enjoy the juicy minced pork filling without a care. This is an absolutely lovely, lighter option for a picnic.

Minced pork can be combined with seasoning, a little spice and some red pepper. Line your pie dish with thin strips of griddled courgette, and overlay the top of the pie completely. Draining any moisture during and after cooking will help you to emulate that crispy effect of a pastry case.

blueberry watermelon lemonade


This refreshing blueberry watermelon lemonade is the perfect choice during the summer months. It is easy to make and with the natural sugar from the fruit you only need a little additional sugar added to it. If you fancy something a little different you can simply add your favourite vodka or rum to each glass and give it a stir. Dip the rim of each glass in sugar, or serve in jam jar glasses for a portable, rustic effect. 

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