personalised leather: a bespoke service from pampeano

You can now find bespoke and personalised leather across all of our ranges in the pampeano collection.

At pampeano, we dedicate ourselves to excellent craftsmanship and authentic design work. We love to use natural materials that are made to last for years. For this reason, we know the value of pieces that can be made to bespoke requests and personalised for special occasions and commemorations. We know that our polo belts in particular have a history of being special gifts for important moments in a lifetime, and many request our personalisation service to make a gift that extra bit more thoughtful. There are many areas of our collection for which we provide such a service.

personalised leather polo belts

With the purchase of one of our handstitched polo belts, you can request up to three initials that we will hand-emboss onto the leather belt loop. This makes for a belt that is undeniably yours, with a subtle detail that sets it apart from the rest. When giving as a gift to someone special, it brings that extra wonderful surprise to the present.

We can hand-stamp initials onto any of the beautiful vegetable tanned leather pieces in our collection. We can hand-stamp initials onto any of the beautiful vegetable tanned leather pieces in our collection.



For umpires and players

For the umpires, please see here or contact us for information on our bespoke carriers, which require 3-4 weeks notice. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any special requirements. Bespoke carriers for arena balls or snow balls are available on request. You can opt for the initialling service for any of our leather equestrian items. A personal touch in a subtle, hand-embossed style is the perfect way to honour your passion for the sport whilst keeping your best leather pieces formal and smart.

All polo sticks can be made personal and special with the addition of hand-painted lettering. In addition, this makes your own equipment instantly distinguishable from that of your team members'!

collars and leads

Personalised leather collars and leads from our pampa-patterned handstitched collection are often chosen for personalisation. The unique addition of your dog's name or the lettering of your choice sets your accessories apart. For pampered dogs who are particular about their possessions, a personalised lead is the most special!

giving a personal gift

Personal gifts are somewhat of a speciality for us, and it doesn’t just stop at our polo belts. If you intend for a particular item to be a gift, you can make it personal. Even if you simply want to personalise your purchase, for yourself, you can contact us. We will do our best to apply our initialling service to your chosen pieces, adding beautiful lettering by hand.

As you explore our lifestyle section of leather homeware pieces, note that you will be able to personalise almost anything. This is a hand-selected range of beautiful items, where we really showcase the stunning beauty of natural materials. As well as soft cowhide pieces in pale neutral colours, we have a range of vegetable tanned leather pieces.

our smooth buffalo leather

Our range of buffalo leather is wonderfully soft and smooth, with that beautiful sheen that comes from the careful vegetable tanning process. Craftsmen select each hide for its unblemished, premium quality. At the tannery, artisans use natural materials to create the signature rich brown shades that you see in this collection. This is a process that is chemical free and environmentally sound. Furthermore, it requires far more time and expertise than its chemical counterpart but the results really do speak for themselves. To read more about our tanning process, click here.

Why not create a totally unique and exclusive gift by adding initialling to a leather piece from this range?

Personalised leather memory boxes and our gorgeous cufflink and gift cases can all bear an initial stamp for that touch of individuality. Any personalised gift you give will be exclusive and unique to its recipient.

For the perfect gift to a graduate, aspiring professional or seasoned businessperson: initialled desk accessories will go down a treat. A hand-finished business-card holder with their own initials is a smart and wonderful acknowledgement of the achievements of a loved one.

For a lovely little token, you can now add personalisation lettering to one of our baby polo mallets. For a gift that is totally unique, why not request hand-painted initials.

By exploring our website, we invite you to immerse yourself into the adventure which is the pampeano life, and to see what South American treasures you can make your own, with bespoke detailing and a client care team waiting to assist you.