perfect picnic - all about empanadas

Picnics are one of the best things about the summertime. A bag full of delicious food and supplies gives you the freedom to take off on an adventure, to explore on your own or to share a makeshift meal with friends and family, away from city life.

all about empanadas

We want to inspire you with a traditional Spanish dish which also serves as the perfect picnic food. The empanada originates in Spain and is thought to be related to the samosa, due to the trade routes that opened up in the middle of the last millenium. This filled and cooked pasty-like dish represents a unity across the many cultures that have their own version of this food, and at the same time is something uniquely Spanish, instantly recognisable and an authentic part of the heritage of South American cuisine.


the perfect picnic

Traditionally filled with beef, the empanada can be sweet or savoury, and the concept leaves plenty of room for individual interpretation and creativity. The idea of such a dish is to be a meal, contained in the crispy pastry case. This is what makes it so good for bringing along on a picnic, country walk, or hike. For more South American inspired picnic ideas this Summer, take a look at our top picks from our homeware collection. Each piece has been hand-selected for its superior craftsmanship and imaginative design, that combines authentically crafted natural materials with South American inspired artistry.


for the journey

This traditional 'portable meal' has been used for hundreds of years by workers and adventurers, who spend the whole day on the sunny plains, or riding on horseback across the rugged terrain of the estancia.

the legendary gaucho

The world-renowned gaucho cowboys of La Pampa can be seen herding cattle under the sun in this Argentinian province, the heart of South America. Here, pampeano has its roots amid the thrilling polo scene and the rich heritage of artisanal leathercraft. With our handstitched pampa diamond leather polo belts and wonderfully soft cashmere garments, we offer up treasures from the South American adventure, inspired by the intrepid gauchos and the bold freedom of the roaming nomadic peoples.



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