pampeano's repair and replacement service

Restoring Durability and Style: Our Repair and Replacement Service at pampeano
At pampeano, we take great pride in our premium Argentine leather goods and the lasting quality they offer. In addition to crafting exquisite products, we stand behind their longevity by providing a reliable repair and replacement service. We believe that a pampeano product is a product for life, and over time, certain elements on a product may see more wear and tear and may require some TLC to ensure it stands the test of time. pampeano’s team endeavours to help in every way we can, to ensure your product lasts.
Mending of Stitching
Here at pampeano, we understand the significance of well-maintained stitching on our leather goods. Over time, even the highest quality stitching may experience wear or come undone. Our repair service excels at mending stitching, ensuring that any frayed or broken threads are expertly restored. Our skilled team meticulously repair stitching on belts, dog accessories, and other leather goods. With the utmost attention to detail, we guarantee that the repaired pampeano product retains its original beauty and functionality, so you can continue to enjoy it for years to come.
mending of stitching
Buckle Replacement
We recognise that the buckle is not merely a functional component but also a distinct feature that enhances the overall appearance of our belts and dog accessories. Should a buckle become damaged, worn-out, or lost, our repair service offers the ideal solution. We provide high-quality replacement buckles that perfectly match the original design, ensuring a seamless aesthetic transition. By entrusting us with buckle replacement, you can rest assured that your beloved leather items will maintain their original elegance and style. We are committed to preserving the unique, premium quality of every pampeano piece.
pampeano belt buckle
D-Ring Replacement
Perhaps the most important part of any dog collar is the D-ring lead attachment, that keeps you and your pet safe when out and about. The ones we provide on our pampeano dog collars are strong and made from stainless steel finished in an antique brass colouring which are held in place by strong stitching made to last. This part of the collar, however sees the heaviest use, and pampeano offers replacement D-ring attachments if wear or damage means one is needed or the stitching holding it in place starts to fray or unravel.
d ring on dog collar
Repairing Loose Threads
The stitching around the buckle of your pampeano belt, dog collar or dog lead is particularly prone to wear and tear due to regular use and tension. Over time, this can lead to loose or broken stitching, compromising the overall integrity of the leather item. At pampeano, our repair service addresses this issue with precision and expertise. Our skilled team meticulously repair the stitching around the buckle, reinforcing it to restore both functionality and aesthetics. By entrusting us with this intricate repair work, you can prolong the life of your leather goods, ensuring that they remain a testament to exceptional Argentine craftsmanship.
stitching on a pampeano belt buckle
For all our repair and replacement services, contact our customer service team either by email at or call us during our opening hours on 01865 773 709 and we will endeavour to assist you in any way that we can.