pampeano's famous Argentine leather


It is clear to see why pampeano is so well renowned for the quality of its leather goods. Our skilled artisans are based in Buenos Aires, the hub of leather manufacturing in the country. The reputation of Argentine leather is world class and rightly so, it has been for generations.


One of the many reasons why the leather (and the steak) from Argentina is so famous, is because the cattle are free to roam across the vast open plains and estancias of the Pampas, feeding off the fertile land as opposed to being grain fed as they are in most countries.


The specialist skills and techniques used to hand craft our pampeano polo belts have been passed down through families for generations. With polo belts being a traditional Argentine product, originated from the professional polo fields, the wealth of knowledge and practice has resulted in a truly authentic and perfectionist approach to the craftsmanship of our belts, mastered over the decades.


Our pampeano polo belts take 4-5 hours just to hand weave the vibrant saddlery threads and that's after the belt itself has been carefully hand crafted and assembled. Attention and care is put into every detail of the process and this truly shows in the stunning final product which is our iconic pampeano polo belts. True timepieces that last for years and only improve with age.