pampeano stockist of the month: October

Who: The Tack Shop of Lexington

Where: Lexington, Kentucky, USA

The Tack Shop of Lexington is an upscale purveyor of all things horse and rider-related situated in Lexington in the USA, which is known as the 'Horse Capital of the World'. This premier equestrian store specialises in quality English saddlery, general horse supplies and riding apparel. Its saddlery section features bridles, bits, boots, saddles and more and boasts an array of excellent brand names in tack - including Horseware, Grand Prix, Hill Tailored Sportsman and pampeano.

From horse blankets to helmets, the tack shop offers a choice of top brands and styles. The shop describes itself as the 'go-to horse supply store'  and 'an outstanding resource for equestrians from southern Indiana and Ohio, and all of Kentucky.'

The Tack Shop of Lexington has been in business for more than five years and as well as stocking a wide range of tack and riding gear - including pampeano headcollars -  it also has a gorgeous array of gift items from jewellery, cards and books to pampeano luxury leather polo belts and dog accessories.

The city of Lexington, where this attractive double fronted store is based, is located in Kentucky's famous Bluegrass region, an area of outstanding beauty - blessed with rolling hills and lush, wide, green pastures, dotted with some 400 multi-million dollar Thoroughbred horse farms.

Not surprisingly, then, Lexington has a long-standing equestrian heritage with a lot of infrastructure from the Thoroughbred horse industry and a growing sports industry. It is a smallish city that is very modern - surrounded by rural areas with small farms that keep horses for pleasure, as well as the larger farms for Thoroughbred owners.

The Tack Shop of Lexington is conveniently located just ten minutes' drive from the 1,200 acre Kentucky Horse Park - a world famous equine competition facility and working horse farm, which attracts about one million visitors a year. An array of major equestrian events is held here throughout the year. In 2010 Kentucky Horse Park was proud to host the World Equestrian Games - and this was the first time a city outside Europe had hosted the games. International polo games - including the all-female Women's Arena Polo - are also held there.

Each piece on sale at The Tack Shop of Lexington has been meticulously selected for both its quality and style - which is very much in line with pampeano's own vision.

Visit the store and you will see rows of shiny black long leather and jodhpur riding boots, silver snaffle bit stock pins and silk scarves, pampeano's luxury leather dog accessories, dressage saddles, bridles, martingales, chaps and helmets - and much more besides.

pampeano is delighted that The Tack Shop of Lexington stocks our best-selling polo belts, luxury navidad leather dog leads and collars and our stunning Argentine-inspired head collars.

pampeano editor picks of The Tack Shop of Lexington's magnificent collection is pampeano's classic polo belts, where skilled artisans have woven pampeano's trademark 'pampa diamond' design into the soft buttery premium grade Argentine leather of each individually crafted belt to produce an item of outstanding beauty. Using vibrant coloured wax dipped saddlery threads for the diamond woven pattern, each belt is a work of Argentine-inspired art.

We are delighted that equestrians of Kentucky can experience the craftsmanship, quality, longevity and style of pampeano - bringing a taste of Argentina to the international polo field and equestrian events of Lexington and beyond. We are thrilled, too, that The Tack Shop of Lexington is our stockist of the month.