pampeano and the planet

Here at pampeano we are incredibly passionate about the world which we live in. We produce high quality products which are not only fashionable, functional luxury leather accessories, but also are sustainable.

One of the ways we achieve this is through the vegetable tanning process that all of our leather undergoes. This traditional technique has been passed down the generations, through the centuries between families of craftspeople. The process is completely natural, using a vegetable concoction to give the leather the supple, soft feel as well as its rich colour. Many leather companies use chemical processes which can be cheaper and mass-produced, but these techniques are extremely harmful to the environment, particularly when the chemicals are not properly disposed of. At pampeano, we recognise that our historic vegetable tanning process not only produces higher quality goods, but also is much better for the world around us.

Another way we do our best to help the environment is by only using leather that is a biproduct of the meat industry in South America. This leather would otherwise be wasted, so using it to craft high quality leather goods is another example of how we reuse and recycle natural material in order to reduce waste. This also means that no animals are harmed or destroyed for the manufacture of any of our products.

Another way we achieve a higher level of sustainability is through the sheer quality and durability of our products. The leather and thread of our products is robust and easy to clean, meaning that when properly cared for, a pampeano product will last for years to come. This cuts down on waste significantly, as our customers won’t need to purchase new belts and bags every few months when their low quality one breaks. The fashion industry is one of the most harmful industries to the planet, so it’s important to us that we keep our waste and carbon footprint low. 

And last but not least we have made positive changes to help the environment is by completely banning all plastic use at the company by year end. Millions of pieces of plastic are disposed of improperly, leaving the oceans, rivers, and wildlife of the world to pay the price. Our aim now is to stop using single-use plastics here at pampeano, doing our part to reduce plastic waste which includes removing the thin, unnoticeable film of plastic that enveloped our gift boxes. All of our packaging is made of recyclable material, including card, board, and paper. We also aim to take further steps to become more environmentally friendly before the end of the year.