Outfits for Every Summer Occasion - Men's Edition

Summer has arrived and while the weather may be hit and miss in the UK, one thing summer is sure to bring is a plethora of fun social occasions. From trips to the beach to sports matches, summer is a great time to go out and have fun with friends; but it’s always hard to know what to wear. With so many different dress codes and social faux-pas, it really can be a minefield out there - luckily pampeano has you covered with a great list of suggested outfits for every summer event. 


Firstly we have the barbecue: an absolute summer classic, it’s a chance for budding chefs to show off their grilling skills, people to enjoy tasty salads and for chilling in the garden with a few beers. What could be better? We suggest throwing on a pair of Bermuda jeans and a polo shirt, great for relaxing in the hot weather, tied together with the luxury leather Roca polo belt from pampeano. The simple and elegant colour scheme of the Roca shows you’re no fuss, just ready to have fun. Then grab your favourite sunglasses, slip on some simple trainers (in case someone brings a ball for a kick about) and you’re ready to go! Bring on the good times.


Next up we have the pool party - a fantastic occasion on a hot summer’s night, at home or abroad. Get the music started, turn the lights on, drinks out, and everyone’s ready to party. For this event we suggest a pair of Bermuda shorts, a light linen shirt - perfect to stay cool - and our gorgeous Azules polo belt. Azules means blue, and this belt certainly doesn’t let you down; the deep blue thread reflects the shimmering water of the swimming pool, making for a fantastic coordinated look. Maybe consider a beaded bracelet or two to embrace the beach vibes. Then on your feet we’re thinking some blue canvas boat shoes or some flip-flops for easy removal. Don’t forget your swimming trunks!


Now we’re getting sophisticated, with a summer staple of the art world: the gallery opening. Most cities have regular openings of exhibitions throughout the year, and long summer evenings are perfect for soaking up the local culture. We suggest donning some suit trousers and a lovely poplin shirt; and if it’s sophistication you want you can do no better than the luxury Marino polo belt. Its muted, elegant colour scheme of navy saddlery thread on navy leather says so much with so little, and lets the texture do the talking. What better way to show up to an art gallery than with a work of art around your waist? On your feet, some tan brogues would work like a charm. Have fun enriching your cultural capital. 


Finally we have the office party - these are always great fun, but it’s always daunting. Who will be there? Who will you need to impress? We suggest wearing some long jeans with a polo shirt, to show your relaxed side to your colleagues. Complete the look with the stunning Astro belt; forget the ice-breakers, this belt will get people talking. The simple yet striking colour scheme is perfect for a work event - not too loud, but confidently visible. Wear some simple black shoes and you’re ready to impress. 

Whatever you choose to wear for your busy summer social schedule, all of us here at pampeano wish you a brilliant summer.