Outfits for Every Summer Occasion - Ladies Edition

Summer is finally here and the temperatures are soaring. And if there’s one thing that summer brings - apart from gorgeous weather and beautiful nature - it’s fun social events, from barbecues to sports matches. However it’s always hard to know what to wear for these different occasions; what will the dress code be? What will everyone else be wearing? But luckily for you we have some great suggestions for outfits for every summer occasion.


First of all we have the humble family get-together. These are fairly common all year round, but summer is the perfect time to have some fun in the sun with the ones you love. For these more casual events we suggest throwing on a blouse and skirt, brought together by our elegant Jugadoro pampeano belt. This beautiful navy and cream belt would go excellently together with a cool palette; a blue or green skirt with a light coloured blouse. Don’t go too crazy with footwear; some nice flats will be practical as well as stylish. This look tells your family you’re ready to enjoy yourself. If you really want to impress your family, consider our optional personalisation service, allowing you to emboss up to three letters onto the leather belt loop - perhaps show some family pride with your initials?


Next up is the beach party. These are a summer staple at home and abroad, and there’s nothing better than dancing the night away by the fire at the seaside. We suggest wearing a white dress with our vibrant Dulce skinny polo belt: the white dress will look great against the sand and keep you cool in the summer sun (the lighter the fabric the better); and the bright pinks and navy of the belt will really make the outfit pop. Pair these with some sandals or embrace your freedom with bare feet, allowing the cool surf to run over your toes.


The next event is a truly special occasion: the summer cruise. Sail away and explore the world with a long flowing dress - perhaps in a pattern native to where you are travelling - paired with our sumptuous Sereno skinny belt. Local markets are great spots for finding incredible dresses made from local textiles in authentic designs. This sense of authenticity is important to pampeano - all of our products are made from genuine Argentine leather by local artisans using traditional methods in La Pampa. For this look, the spectrum of blues of the sea are reflected in the wax-dipped saddlery thread adorning this luxury Argentinian leather belt, meaning even when you leave the ship you’ll take the ocean with you. Then slip on some heeled sandals to complete the look, and you’re ready to weigh anchor. Ahoy!


Office parties are always the hardest to predict, with so many people there to impress. Don’t worry about the others; show them who’s boss with a casual linen suit, brought to life with our light blue Cincha polo belt. A linen suit is a great balance of smart and casual, and the vibrant blue of this belt will bring a bit of summer fun to your look, really encapsulating the spirit of a great summer office party. Some smart brogues or some high heels really add some class to the outfit, and will be sure to make you the talk of the office for days to come. 

However you choose to dress for your summer social schedule, all of us here at pampeano wish you a brilliant summer.