Off the beaten track in Buenos Aires

For those willing to stray from the usual tourist spots, there is an underground world of old style glamour awaiting you in Argentina’s capital. A small array of secret speakeasy bars exist in Buenos Aires, to be discovered by those visitors with the nerve to explore territory that is off the beaten track.


Many of these bars are password only, with no websites or guidebook entries to attract the hoards. If you play your cards right, you could be in on the one of the best secrets of Argentinian night-life.


Hidden behind shops, dusty doors and restaurants, these bars recreate a glamorous vision of prohibition-era life, with 1920s' style interiors bursting with plush velvet, wooden panels and dusty chandeliers. Unassuming entrances give way to jewels of the Buenos Aires lifestyle, alive with music, dancing and echoes of the dazzling splendour or an era that is fast becoming forgotten.

A gorgeous tribute to the day and night of Argentina’s illustrious capital is pampeano's hand-embroidered leather polo belt, The Azules, which is sewn with rich sapphire and inky navy threads, alternating between pampa diamonds, inspired by the landscapes which surround Buenos Aires; a city dubbed as ‘the Paris of South America’. The attention to detail in our belts is what sets us apart. With each piece taking 4 to 5 hours to complete, our artisans employ a process which is a continuation of a long tradition of hand stitching and Argentinian leather work; a secret craft passed down from father to son.


We take pride in bringing you treasures from the South American lifestyle, combined with British designs for exciting pieces that tell of explorations in distant places and old-time elegance which is based on authentic, handcrafted leatherwork.