National Pet Month with pampeano

In the UK, National Pet Month takes place each year during the month of April. It originated with a campaign from the National Office of Animal Health to promote responsible pet ownership as well as raising awareness of the work of assistance and companion animals, but it has since grown into a ubiquitous celebration of people's relationships with their beloved pets, and a chance for people to share their stories, spend time with other pet owners, and treat their furry friends to special treats and new accessories. This National Pet Month, we have compiled this guide to celebrating, complete with interesting facts and a gift guide if you would like to surprise your pet with something special to celebrate your bond.
In a 2022 study, it was estimated that around 62% of UK households own a pet of some kind, and 27% of those were dog owners, with an estimated 13 million pet dogs across the country. If you are one of these lucky owners, you know how valuable the bond between dog and human can be. It's easy to see why dogs are the most common animal used as assistance animals, with dogs helping with everything from visual impairments to PTSD. The population of therapy dogs is rising all the time, and even if your dog isn't officially registered, I think most dog owners would agree that their canine companion definitely improves their mental health. If you would like to show your dog some extra love this National Pet Month, take a look at our broad range of premium leather dog accessories right here on our website.
 dog sitting in grass
We offer some exclusive gift bundles which would be perfect for the occasion, with bundles of two leads and two collars for owners of two dogs, or a bundle of a lead, a collar, and a polo-inspired pampeano belt for coordinated dog walks. All of our leather dog leads and collars are hand-made with the same love and care by our local artisans in Argentina as our world-famous polo belts, made from the same top quality local materials. You know that a collar from pampeano will endure rough play and muddy dog walks for many years to come. Our dog leads even bear an optional personalisation of up to ten characters, perfect for adding your furry friend's name onto their lead for an extra special touch. Explore our full range right here on our website today.
 dog with collar and lead
Horses are another popular and traditional British pet, although many horse owners see them as much more than a domesticated animal. Indeed, along with dogs, horses are used in many professional settings, from the police and the armed forces, to farming and sport. But for at least half a million of us in the UK according to recent studies, we call a horse our own. Just like caring for a dog, the time spent looking after a horse, as well as riding them in the countryside, can do wonders for mental health. If you would like to treat your horse or pony to something special this National Pet Month, consider one of our authentic Argentine premium leather headcollars. pampeano originated in Argentina, the home of polo, and many of our leather products are inspired by the polo tradition; and our headcollars are no different. Adorned with vibrant pampa diamonds in a range of colours, our headcollars are the perfect way to add a bit of traditional Gaucho style to your horse tack. Take a look at our full range here on our website, and if you act fast, some of our five star rated headcollars are currently on sale. 
 grey horse in headcollar
However you choose to celebrate, whether it be showering your pet with love, posting pictures to social media (make sure to tag us if your pet is wearing something from pampeano), or doing some raising awareness of your own, we hope you enjoy National Pet Month!