Must Haves for the Modern Man

The modern age of fashion is more liberating than ever for the gentlemen of the world; with icons such as Harry Styles and Lil Nas X breaking the mould on what it means to be masculine, men are becoming more and more free to express themselves in the ways that they dress. However, most men prefer not to break the mould too much on a day to day basis, but express themselves in more subtle, practical, but still effortlessly stylish ways. That’s where we come in. In this journal entry, we will introduce you to some Must-Haves for the modern man: these eye-catching, luxury leather accessories will adorn any outfit, bringing your confidence out and enhancing your everyday look.

Here at pampeano we don’t believe in boring belts. Plain black belts are a thing of the past. A good belt can elevate an average outfit into an iconic one. See for yourself - try one of our iconic luxury leather polo belts for which we are known the world over. Inspired by traditional polo kit, these South American classic accessories have adorned the wardrobes of gauchos for generations in Argentina. You can harness this genuine South American style for yourself with one of these striking polo belts. We stock them in a variety of colours, inspired by the different natural habitats in Argentina: from the mountain inspired Roca to the sky inspired Azules; to the river inspired Sereno to the ocean inspired Coralino. From the vibrant Igualdad to the subdued Jefe, there is a polo belt for everyone, and a polo belt will make you look good. But don’t just take our word for it; these classic polo belts have been spotted around the waist of everyone from instagram influencers to the royals.

We also have created some ingenious new spins on the classic polo belt, in the form of the fabric Cincha polo belts. These geometric designs are more understated and monotone than our plethora of polo belt designs, but still every bit as striking and conversation-starting. These intricately designed accessories are fit to many different purposes - for example, the light blue variant would complete a summer outfit of a light shirt and linen shorts, while the black variant would add a point of interest to an otherwise bland business suit.

For the stylish modern gentleman, everything he carries is an opportunity for a statement. If that broken old keyring you got free with the car simply doesn’t cut the mustard any longer, take a look at our simply gorgeous collection of Charro loop keyrings. Styled to resemble our famous polo belt collection, these keyrings up any man’s pocket game without breaking the bank. If you want to create a coordinated look, we have styles matching the Azules, Roca, Hermoso and more - or you can get creative and choose a complementary scheme. Any which way, a Charro is a must for the modern man.

Speaking of carrying things, the vessel of transporting important documents is just as important as the documents they hold. For day-to-day errands, the morning commute, and overnight stays, consider the ever-popular Mozo cross-body bag. This compact yet practical bag is perfect for the modern man, who never knows where his day will take him next.

The modern man never stays in one place. For the globe-trotting adventurer, take a look at our Caballero travel bag. This simply gorgeous plain leather bag feels timeless, and yet carrys all the functionality of a modern luggage container. Roomy and durable, this will see you through a week, two weeks, or more away. For a modern man’s modern adventures, the Caballero is the perfect companion.

So, my modern gentlemen, we hope you agree on these must-haves, and that you consider broadening your wardrobe with a piece or two from pampeano.