Matchy Matchy

In the 21st Century, more and more people are accessorizing their pets. And it’s no mystery as to why: they look so cute! Dogs have always been man’s best friend, and with the rise of social media and dog walking clubs, it’s not surprising that people want their dog to look as chic as they do. Colourful and stylish dog collars and leads have been available for decades – indeed, here at pampeano we have been hand making premium leather dog accessories for many years. But we do one better: we design luxury leather dog leads and collars often in the same colour combinations and patterns as our best loved leather polo-inspired pampeano belts, so that you can coordinate with your canine companion. In short, you and your dog can match. Talk about #twinning!

For example, if your pampered pooch is a little sweetheart who loves all things pink, and maybe you’ve also had your Barbie moment this year, consider the genuine Argentine leather Hermoso collar and belt combo. The pink threads go so well with the blue and deep brown of the leather. This stylish, high quality leather collar is bound to look adorable on your cute little dog, and look great on you, too. We have a Hermoso dog lead, too, for the full coordinated look.

If your dog is a bit more outdoorsy, and loves nothing more than exploring woodland and fields in the countryside, take a look at one of our newer designs: the stunning leather Caza dog collar and matching exquisite leather belt. This design is inspired by the colours of the country, and it will really reflect your dog’s personality. The belt version will also look the part on you as you walk through the woods, across the farmland and into a country pub. A pint for you, and a drink of water for the dog!

The options don’t end there, either. We have the striking Andes mountains inspired Roca belt and collar, the warming autumnal Navidad collar and belt, the bright blue Azules combination (perhaps for the dog that loves the water), as well as our fan favourites the Multi design and the Audaz style: the list goes on! Take a look at our full range of hand crafted leather dog collars here, and when you find one you like, chances are, there’ll be a polo belt and dog lead to match.

We make it easier – and cheaper – to match with your pet right here on our website with our exclusive bundle offers. We offer a belt, collar and lead bundle, with which you can choose any belt, any lead, and any collar, to come as a collection. This is a great gift for the dog lover in your life, or just an easy way to get the goods yourself. You can choose all the same design, or, if you already have a favourite belt you want your dog to match to, you can choose the dog collar and lead in that design, and choose a new design of belt for yourself. After all, you can never have too many belts!

It’s not just our luxury dog collars that we design matching products for. When a colour combination works, it works, so we have applied out most loved designs across our other products, too. For example, our premium leather travel bags bear straps that match the Azules, Jugadoro and Audaz belts. While we wouldn’t recommend putting your dog inside one of these bags, imagine strutting onto the ferry or through the airport to your next adventure with your matching pampeano belt, travel bag, dog lead and dog collar on your dog. You’ll definitely be the talk of the trip.

If you want to find our full range of premium leather accessories, you’re in the right place. Here on the pampeano website we have our full range available, including exclusive products and offers that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.