luxurious alpaca wool at pampeano

At pampeano, you will find a hand-selected range of beautiful garments, hand-crafted from Peruvian alpaca wool.

Fur is still a important trend in 2016, and our 'fur' trimmed alpaca ponchos could not be a more perfect way to incorporate this trend into your personal wardrobe. The alpaca fur is taken from natural herd loss: an alpaca kid is shorn before it is a year old, and this wool is famous for its wonderful, delicate softness.


All of our alpaca garments are sourced from an independent family business, and made using fair trade principles. Alpaca wool is known as much for its luxurious, silky soft feel as for its incredible durability. While others may tolerate stiff coats and uncomfortable fabrics, those who opt for alpaca wool can enjoy a garment that is as warm as it is elegant. The cut of our alpaca range guarantees a striking silhouette, with fluid lines and draped fabric, it is the perfect, luxuriously warm outer garment.


As the evenings cool, an alpaca fur trimmed cape is an ideal choice, as it can be draped around your figure to suit your style and keep the elements at bay. The perfect transitional piece can be found in our wool cape, which is a lighter alternative.


 With the proper care, your alpaca garment can last for years. It is a fabric that is softer than even merino wool or cashmere, but this isn't to say that it's too delicate to be used. The strong, durable nature of the wool means that it is resistant to piling, and isn't easily stretched or distorted. It is also an excellent alternative for those allergic to lanolin. Hypo-allergenic, non-itchy, cruelty free and static-resistant; we believe this is an truly special fabric that has yet to break onto the mass-market. A true treasure at pampeano, known for its South American luxury.