looking into the future with pampeano

As we continue to celebrate our 15 year anniversary as a brand we wanted to celebrate our wonderful customers and share some words of our own!
two people wearing belts
Our customer feedback from social media, emails and our annual survey has given us so much to celebrate and continue to think about as a brand. There have been so many glowing responses about people enjoying our products and, of course, things we as a brand could improve or consider. Many of those suggestions we have already started working on and can’t wait to share them with you in the future as the brand continues to expand.
colourful belt on table
In sharing this occasion with you all, our managing director wanted to share her thoughts looking back 15 years with pampeano:

‘Reflecting on the past 15 years of pampeano brings me so much excitement for what is to come. Inspired by Las Pampas in Argentina; it’s beautiful mountain landscapes and vast open sierras; the slow living, the natural materials, the simplicity of the gaucho lifestyle, pampeano has sought to bring a piece of Argentina to our customers all over the world. Artisanal excellence and quality are at the heart of the brand, and it was important that we maintained Argentina’s authenticity through our premium quality leather products. Looking to the future, pampeano will continue to expand internationally, and also bring new, inspired pieces to add to your growing pampeano collections.


Thank you to our wonderful customers and stockists who have made the Brand what it is today.'

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