Look ready for the Catwalk.

pampeano has recently once again appeared on the Catwalk, showing off our fabulous Cowhide evening bag at the Spring Fair International 2013.


Many people appear a little scared of cowhide, but bursting with sophistication, this new bag will bring an unusual and stylistic twist to any outfit. However, what should it be matched with? This bag is a bold statement that will carry any outfit, so ideally should be matched with basic colours in order to draw the eye to all the right places. The outfit can then be dressed up or dress down depending on the occasion - pairing the bag with jean and heals for day wear, or with a maxi dress for a glamorous night out. Firstly, let us concentrate on outfits to be worn during the day. These jeans are a great shape and act as the perfect base to an eye-catching outfit, but it is the pampeano bag that will make you stand out from the crowd. Paired with a plain, bright top and small heals this creates the perfect look for everyday wear - and if you are feeling especially bold, it also looks great with a pampeano polo belt.


  • Highwaisted Skinny Cherry Jeans.

  • pampeano Cowhide Evening Bag.

  • pampeano Cowhide Leather Belt.

For evening wear, the evening bag looks best with a plain, flowing dress - as is seen on the Catwalk. This really draws attention to the bag, providing you with an elegant, beautiful look that will have lasting impressions on everyone who sees you.


  • Turquoise Forever Unique Halter Maxi Dress


  • pampeano Cowhide Evening Bag.