Introducing pampeano's Polo Style Women's Leather Boots

Introducing the brand new luxury leather Moda boot: a new frontier in women’s footwear, allowing you to enjoy the polo look wherever you go.

Inspired by practical polo boots worn by professional players, these new Moda - meaning fashion - boots take the essence and look of traditional polo players’ boots and incorporate the comfort and luxury required for everyday use. They bear a central full-length zip opening for ease of taking on and off, and are lined with sumptuously soft leather for the utmost comfort of wear. The boots are completed with an attractive block heel with robust leather soles. The side of the boots are fitted with elastic to fit a range of calves. The boots are available in UK sizes 3 to 8.

These gorgeous boots are available in several colours of butter-soft leather; black, tan, navy and chocolate brown. Each design comes with a choice of zip guards, all adorned with our signature hand stitched pampa diamond, in a choice of colours; whether your style is more subtle or more vibrant. 

Like all of pampeano’s luxury leather goods, the Moda boots are handmade by local artisans. The pampa diamond is hand stitched on with wax dipped saddlery thread, and it represents the Andes mountain range that overlooks the polo fields of La Pampa. Wearing the Moda boots is truly wearing a genuine slice of South American style.

These boots are perfect for every activity, from long walks in the country, to exploring new places abroad, to just heading to work in the city. They can be paired in the traditional fashion with jeans and one of our iconic polo belts, or with a light dress, or some classic chinos, or more experimentally with any number of outfits.

Loyal fans of pampeano may recognise the Moda - we had released an older version of the boots several years ago, which were one of our most popular accessories at the time. Now we have improved the design in this brand new version for 2020.

Take a look at the category page for the Moda for more information, and experiment with the different unique colour combinations you can create, for a product as unique as you are.