how to clean a leather dog collar


Leather dog collars are as stylish as they are functional. The pampa stitched leather pieces in our collection showcase the stunning beauty of natural materials. Our buttery soft leather is kinder on your dog’s neck than harsher, man made fibres. pampeano’s leather dog collars have been hand-crafted in Argentina by our own highly skilled artisans, who select the finest hand-selected leather to be vegetable tanned. Each leather collar is meticulously checked against our exacting standards, before it is beautifully gift-boxed and delivered to you. 

This luxury leather product is made to last, enduring the adventures of the most active dogs. With a little care, you can prolong the life of your dog collar and maintain its beautiful appearance.

Read on for our full care instructions and detailed advice about cleaning and maintaining your leather dog collar.

Cleaning a leather dog collar

We use the finest Argentinian leather that is known for its supple softness and rich colour. As with all leather goods, it is best to keep your dog collar dry. If it does become wet, just blot it with a towel as soon as possible and let it air dry. Natural leather dog collars are best washed with saddle soap. It is a very safe method for cleaning dog collars as it won’t cause any discoloration or stain the dog collar. Simply pour a small amount onto a cloth and lather onto the collar, then take a damp cloth and wipe the collar. While you are letting the collar air dry, avoid exposure to the sun as this may cause fading and sometimes shrinking.

The vibrant hand-stitched pampa patterns on our dog collars consist of high density waxed saddlery threads, meaning they are robust and easy to clean. Just use soapy water and a non-coloured sponge to scrub the threads in the direction of the stitching. (Across the width of the belt and not the length) Use a damp cloth to remove any excess soap and towel dry as soon as possible.

Maintaining a leather dog collar

To maintain the richness of the leather, you should nourish it with a good leather conditioner every so often. Apply a small amount onto a dry cloth and rub it into the leather. Use a separate cloth to buff it until all of the conditioner has been absorbed.

Snagged a thread? In the unlikely event that a thread comes loose, simply tuck the end back under the threads next to it. Once you have fixed it in place using a little clear superglue, the repair will be undetectable.