How to choose the right size dog collar

So you have decided to treat your furry friend to a brand new luxury leather polo belt inspired dog collar from pampeano - but there’s only one problem: you don’t know which size to choose. Don’t worry - this handy guide will help you to choose the perfect size for your perfect pooch. We offer a range of lengths and widths, and we’re sure you will find a size that’s just right for your dog.

To figure out which size is best for your dog, simply grab a tape measure and put it around the dog’s neck, at the point at which they usually wear their collar. Take the measurement, and then align it with one of the length options on the drop down menu on our website. It’s usually best to round up, as you can always tighten it up a bit, but there is a little wiggle room either side due to the provided collar holes. The process is very similar to how we measure belts on humans.

To help you, there are breed suggestions to go with the stock options, i.e. Chihuahua to Mastiff, but don’t worry if your dog doesn’t fit these options, they’re just to give a rough estimate of what to expect. The shorter lengths are also thinner, at 1.5cm wide, and the longer lengths are wider at 2.5cm wide. This is both an aesthetic choice, to make it look more well proportioned, but also to provide the right support for the size of the dog.

We also offer a variety of designs in a specialised lurcher collar version, designed specifically for longer necked dogs such as lurchers, whippets and greyhounds. Within this size bracket we have a range of sizes, great for larger racing greyhounds as well as smaller Italian greyhounds. The sizing system is the same as with our ordinary collars, so just follow the instructions above and you’ll be dog walking in style in no time.

If you’re in the market for some stylish pet accessories, do take a look at our range of luxury dog leads as well. They come in many colour combinations, often coordinating with both the collars and some of our most popular polo belts, for those matching dog-owner outings. The leads also bear an optional personalisation of up to ten letters, perfect for your dog’s name or initials - this makes it an extra special gift for your canine companion. Speaking of gifts, do take a look at our range of gift packages such as a collar and lead combo or a belt and collar combo.

We hope you have been inspired by this guide to measure out your dog to fit them with a brand new luxury leather dog collar from pampeano. Happy walkies!