How to care for cashmere

Your pampeano cashmere scarf - handmade from the world's finest and softest wool - is an iconic piece that will last for a long time. Here are some helpful hints about how to care for cashmere to ensure your luxury piece keeps its beauty, freshness and irresistible chic for generations to come.

As cashmere is such a fine wool, it goes without saying that it needs the finest treatment when it comes to washing. So we recommend handwashing only, in cool water, using a specialist detergent for cashmere or you can use a baby shampoo if you prefer.

In a clean basin gently submerge your pampeano scarf in the cool, soapy water and very gently massage the suds into the fabric. It is a good idea to leave the scarf to soak for up to ten minutes - but no longer. Then rinse gently and carefully several times in cool water until the water runs clear.

After you have washed your scarf, spread it out flat on a large bath towel and roll it up gently - squeezing out any excess water as you go very carefully and without any wringing or twisting. Now unroll your scarf and leave it to dry flat in a safe place.

If you notice any pilling on the surface after your luxury scarf has dried, a cashmere comb can be used to remove any small balls of twisted wool which might have formed on the surface (pilling). The washing of your scarf will help reduce pilling anyway.

Should you get a stain on your scarf while you are wearing it, rinse it with cold water immediately and then use a clean cloth (not a paper towel) to blot it dry.

It is a good idea to store your cashmere item flat - with some moth balls nearby. For a more natural alternative, try lavender, cloves, orange peel, rosemary and thyme. We recommend that you always wash your scarf in the method described before storing away for any length of time.

100 percent cashmere: the Ocio scarf by pampeano oozes luxury with its soft folds and subtle diamond pattern

Cashmere: a luxury wardrobe staple

pampeano has a stunning range of luxury cashmere items including stunning throws and scarves.  

The qualities of cashmere are such that your pampeano scarf will keep you gorgeously warm in the winter and effortlessly cool in spring and summer. Cashmere is also famed for being durable so with the right love and attention (and washing in this manner) this will be your wardrobe staple for many years.

pampeano's cashmere scarves can be styled in so many different ways and they come in a range of colourways and designs, including soft beiges/whites and light greys.

This Ocio scarf, for example, comes in navy and light blue and has an elegant pattern of tiny diamond eyes woven throughout the cashmere.

Stylish throws, sumptuous scarves

Meanwhile, our eminently stylish soft, pale blue Trabajo scarf has a herringbone pattern exquisitely handwoven into the fine cashmere threads. The design - as on all our scarves - has been hand-crafted by skilled artisans. In this case, there are tiny interlocking chevrons hand-woven in appealing pale turquoise blue and natural hues.

All our scarves and throws draw their inspiration from South America - whose beautiful Aztec designs and woven fabrics are famed the world over.

pampeano's Paseo scarf is also a gorgeously thick and luxurious piece. It comes in beige and white an black and white and is very generously sized and is made of 100% cashmere. It is a heavier gauge than the other styles in the collection. It features a subtle Aztec chevron pattern. It offers a substantial, warm covering for winter days and looks hugely stylish - draped effortlessly over the shoulders and layered with other knitted outer garments.

pampeano's cashmere throws are equally as sumptuous as our scarves. Our navy and white Calma cashmere throw combines fine design with luxury and elegance. Its beautiful Aztec-inspired pattern evokes a sense of South American inspired adventure, whilst adding beautiful tone and textures to any home interior.

As well as being luxurious, pampeano scarves are so versatile. They can be teamed with a crisp white shirt and jeans for a smart-casual look and to complete the theme, wear with one of pampeano's classic Argentine-inspired leather polo belts.

South American inspired luxury

Any cashmere piece is a deserving item and a pampeano cashmere scarf is no exception - keeping the story of cashmere alive.

For centuries, native Americans have been taking the soft fleece and outer hairs of goats from their herds and using these gossamer-like threads to make scarves, shawls and ponchos.

Keeping the legend alive

pampeano's scarves draw on this great tradition and use skilled artisans to weave intricate, subtle, geometric patterns into the fabric to evoke the troughs and peaks of the awe-inspiring Andes mountains of their homeland.

pampeano's exquisite cashmere scarves and cashmere throws keeps this legend of enterprise, skill and craftsmanship alive and gives you a spirit of adventure, wanderlust, quality and Argentine-inspired style, too.