How do you measure a polo belt?

Luxury polo belts are the perfect way to complete any outfit, from a casual suit to a maxi dress to a simple jumper and jeans combo - but how do you know what size of polo belt is right for you? How do you measure a polo belt? It’s easy - just measure from the starting point of the leather at the buckle to the hole you use on the belt you usually wear. Then go up or down to the nearest multiple of five - so if you measured 91cm, you need a 90cm belt. All pampeano polo belts are measured from the start of the leather to the middle hole, so you have a bit of leeway. Alternatively, if you don’t usually wear a belt, you can use your usual waist measurement and cross reference with the size chart on our FAQ page. For example, if you have a 32” waist, you would need a 90cm belt. It really is that easy - you will surely have your new luxury leather polo belt from pampeano around your waist in no time.

All of our belts are unisex, and come in a variety of lengths to suit all wearers. Our standard polo belts are 3.5cm wide, which fits in all standard belt loops, but we also offer some of our polo belt designs in a skinny style, which are 2.5cm wide. These include some of our most loved designs, like the Azules, the Multi and the Hermoso. Some cuts of trousers suit a skinny belt better, so these skinny polo belts might be the belts for you. If you’re feeling inspired by all this talk of polo belts, take a look here on our website at our broad range of attractive genuine South American polo belts. From the iconic pampa diamond classic polo belt look to the intricate fabric variants to the subtle monotone Bordado belts, there really is something for everyone here at pampeano.