Hand-stitched pampa brow bands

pampeano's long standing reputation of outstanding quality and craftsmanship is not only found in our polo belts but across all of our leather products which includes our polo equipment. Today we feature our stunning hand-stitched pampa browbands which are also made in Argentina using the same premium leather and highly skilled artisans who handcraft our classic leather polo belts. Strong Argentinian leather which is rich Havana brown in colour, is hand-stitched one-by-one with Aztec style diamonds, traditionally found in La Pampa region of Argentina.


With a keen eye for both quality and style, our head designer is currently working on complementary co-ordinates within our collections, designing hand-stitched leather browbands to match with a select few of our stunning polo belts and polo dog collars. As ever, customer preferences influence our decisions, so do contact us if you have any thoughts.


Strings of polo ponies are often spotted with co-ordinating browbands, unifying the team as well as a professional polo player’s individual string but as with pampeano polo belts, you don't have to be a polo player to sport our products.


Sophie St Clair, professional show jumper from Southern California has sent us exquisite photos of her and her beautiful mare, Ottavia Des Hayettes. Ottavia’s leather bridle has been fitted with pampeano’s navy and cream handstitched browband, coordinating with her saddle blanket and Sophie’s own riding clothing colours.


This seems to be a fast emerging trend within the show circuit as further advocates of the style also include professional show jumper, model and Styled Equestrian founder, Jennifer Sims who is also often seen in one of our classic leather polo belts.