Guest Post: Lurcher Dog Collars

pampeano is home to a luxurious collection of Argentine leather polo dog collars and leads with the iconic hand-embroidered pampa stitching. pampeano's Argentinian leather products are loved by so many, we like to ensure that there really is something for everyone on our website. The pampa polo dog collars are available in 7 sizes to cover every dog breed and to complete the collection, we have added matching Lurcher collars which require a different shape. Now every breed really is covered, from Lurchers, to Chihuahuas all the way up to Great Danes.


We've spoken with one of our customers who was one of the first to snap up this stunning dog collar.

"I have a gorgeous grey Whippet called Alfie and now that he's past the puppy chewing stage I decided that it was time to invest in a quality Lurcher or Whippet collar, one that will last him until he's an old boy. So after quite a bit of research I settled on a new pampeano collar, I've chosen the one they call Tornado, as the grey, white and navy in the whippet collar looks tip top perfect for my Alfie. I didn't want a cheap leather but one that wouldn't stretch and oozed quality. They are suitable for Salikis and Greyhounds too and I'm chuffed to have a quality leather one for Alfie in the pampa design. The D ring is lightweight which is so essential on Alfie's elegant little neck. The extra width on the back of the neck means that there is less pressure on this delicate part of his body, and it will also give him some protection when he's out at the hunts - he gets so excited and definitely pulls more than I'd like him to! I've read in one of my dog books that in fact this wider collar has been around for a long time - years ago they used to put these on dogs to give them more protection from attack from wild animals or other dogs in a fight. They have some amazing colour options so something for every dog colour."

Leather Lurcher Collars

Guest post by pampeano customer, Esme Saint Jean.


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