Gift Ideas for Men this Christmas 2019

Christmas. A time for giving. Year upon year our loyal customers return for gifts for their loved ones during the festive period. And this year, we’ve got more gift packages than ever before, meaning you can show how special that special person really is in more ways than ever. All of our gift packages provide discounts on purchasing the products individually so it really is the best way to give gifts this Christmas.

Choice of Any 2 Leather Polo Belts

Firstly, we have our two polo belt gift package. This is a favourite, and as our collection of iconic polo belts grow year on year, it’s always good to have multiple belts for multiple outfit possibilities. From the subtle to the vibrant; the classic to the experimental; we have colour schemes and designs for everyone. As with all our belts, there is an option to add a personalisation to the belt-loop of up to three letters, which makes a belt from pampeano extra special. Imagine the look on your loved one’s face when they see their initials embossed onto the luxurious leather of their brand new polo belt. Priceless.

Choice of Any Polo Belt and Leather Keyring

Next up is our belt and keyring gift package; this is a great chance to add an extra little something to a regular polo belt, to really go that extra mile this Christmas. We have a broad range of keyrings; from heart shapes to tassels, we have styles fit for all. This would be a great gift for someone who loves to co-ordinate: some of our keyrings look just like mini polo belts. Explore your configuration and come up with a combination as unique as your loved one.

Choice of Any Polo Belt and Leather Card Holder

Now for our belt and credit card holder gift package. This is an ideal gift for someone who is always misplacing their important cards. Not only can you choose the colour of the leather of the card slip - navy blue, havana brown or inky black - but you can also choose the colouring of the hand-stitched pampa diamond icon which adorns the front of the luxury leather accessory. The pampa diamond is a design very close to pampeano’s heart - which is why we made it our logo. It is an ancient Aztec motif reflecting the peaks and troughs of the Andes mountain range, which overlook the polo fields of La Pampa, Argentina, where pampeano is from. This design is visible on most of our products, particularly our polo belts.

Choice of Any Leather Wallet and Keyring

Next we have our wallet and keyring gift package. Again, rather than getting just a new wallet, this gift package makes the whole experience extra special. Just like our polo belts, an optional personalisation may be added to our wallets too; embossed in gold, silver, or without foil. This can be a great identifier, so they know it’s theirs immediately. With many colour combinations to choose from, this gift package can be highly personalised for any customer. You may also choose between the Dinero wallet - packed with card slots - and the Moneda wallet - which contains a coin pocket.

Choice of Any Leather Polo Belt, Washbag and Wallet

Lastly we have the amazing washbag, wallet and polo belt gift package. This gift package would be perfect for someone who loves to travel, as this washbag is very useful to use inside a suitcase. Equally, it makes for a great bathroom organiser. The washbag is available not only in multiple colours but also in multiple textiles; our regular top-grain Argentine cow leather, or robust and breathable canvas. With three products and many style choices, the combination possibilities are incredible.

Whatever you decide to give this festive period, we at pampeano wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!