gift ideas for her

Buying gifts in today’s modern age can be challenging to say the least. With so much selection available both online and on the high street, one could be forgiven for feeling a little bit overwhelmed when it comes to buying the perfect present for someone special in your life.

One thing is certain and this is the fact that there are some incredibly unique gifts out there for shoppers who like to push the boat out and indulge in a little opulence and luxury. In this latest instalment of the pampeano journal, we highlight some amazing gift ideas for her, all of which have been approved by ladies within the pampeano team.


Buying gifts for her is somewhat of an art and often the more unique and special the gift, the better, as this shows that you have put real effort into finding the perfect present. Whether the gift you are searching for is for a birthday, Christmas or simply just to show you care, we are confident that our selection will leave your lucky recipient feeling very cherished indeed.


A luxury watch can often be the perfect way for a woman to complete her look and there are some stunning watches available from a range of retailers, both online and offline. We have done a bit of research, as choosing the best Christmas or birthday gift ideas for her when it comes to watches is rather complex.

There are all sorts of designs, functions, colours and sizes available and they would all suit various styles. However, we needed to come to a decision, so after much debate we decided to recommend the Larsson & Jennings Chain Metal Watch in rose gold. We decided the design was head and shoulders above the rest and the Swiss expertise that has gone into this watch makes it a great all round purchase.

Luxury Purse

Call us predictable, but no feature about luxury gift ideas for her would be complete without mentioning a purse. The most practical item in the 21st century lady’s outfit but often the most overlooked, a high quality purse from one of the premier fashion houses can make a real statement and therefore be near the top of any shortlist of gifts you have in mind.

Similarly to the vast range of fine watches available, we had to do some serious sifting through the most delectable purses available to find our winner but in the end there was a clear victor in the pampeano Rico Zipped Purse in black and all the ladies here at pampeano recommended this sumptuous number in Indigo.

A premium purse such as this will last for years and go with all sorts of outfits, styles and looks and ultimately earn you some serious credit for your prestigious and well thought out gift choice.


If the lady in question is keen on her luxury fashion items, then few gifts go down better than a pair of sunglasses from one of the world’s biggest and best fashion labels. Perfect for those chic cocktail parties or other social events, these fashion accessories say luxury like nothing else.

Again, there are some incredible sunglasses available from the most revered names in fashion but none have the chic grandeur of Dior and their Chromic 47MM Cat’s Eye Sunglasses.

They are futuristic, high end fashion and are obviously of the very highest calibre when it comes to quality and durability. Manufactured in Italy, these ladies’ shades provide 100 UV protection meaning they are perfect here in the UK, on the slopes or even when one is relaxing at their favourite luxury resort.


Of course, no pampeano blog would be complete without some fine Latin American merchandise included. Deciding upon which of the most luxury items from our range can sometimes be a challenge due to the vast selection available.

Staying with the luxury fashion theme, with all these gifts being perfect for the cultured lady who likes to look incredible whether at work, home or out socialising, we have opted for a combination of products from the pampeano catalogue.


Our Alpaca Fur Trimmed Cape is made of fabric which is unrivalled in terms of softness and quality due to the fact it is from Peruvian Alpaca’s enjoying their very first spring. The waist can then be inched in using one of the myriad of luxury leather belts available right here at the pampeano site to finish off an untouchable look. The silver greys of the fur coat and the earthy tones of our belts will complement each other seamlessly and create a style that will make the lucky recipient of this gift the envy of her friends, peers and colleagues.

All of these gifts are at the pinnacle of high end fashion at present and would no doubt be gratefully received by any lady who appreciated merchandise of the very highest order. You can order online today with pampeano by perusing our range and you can contact us any time by clicking here.