Frequently Asked Questions About Leather Belts

While many of us wear leather belts every day, most of us have a lot to learn about them, especially the details of which leather is best, why the leather behaves the way it does, the effects of time on the leather, as well as many more interesting facts about the leather belts that we all so often take for granted. So we here at pampeano have compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions about leather belts, to set your mind at ease, and maybe teach you a thing or two as well. And you can trust us: pampeano is one of the world leading designers and purveyors of premium polo-inspired leather belts.

What is the best leather for belts?

The best leather for belts must fulfil many criteria of quality: firstly, it must be handpicked by trained craftspeople from reputable and trustworthy sources. Secondly, it must be treated: the best way to treat leather is using a vegetable tanning process (cheap chemical tanning is bad for the environment and for the leather).

It’s because of these simple facts that we choose to create our handmade belts in the way that we do. In our opinion, the best leather for belts comes from Argentina. That’s why we get all of the leather we use for our belts from local sources. We use a traditional vegetable tanning method to ensure it retains its butter soft quality for many years. And our local artisans definitely know what they’re doing when it comes to design; each of our belts take up to five hours to delicately hand stitch.

Faux leather made from plastic is not a good alternative to the real thing: for one, it’s lower quality, so will often break over time. Secondly, it doesn’t have the same mouldability as real leather, so wear will not be as comfortable, particularly in the long run. Thirdly, being a man made product, it is not biodegradable like leather, so will sit in landfill for centuries.

Why do leather belts stretch over time?

Leather belts stretch over time because of the soft quality of the leather itself. Through repeated wear, the cow hide softens and loosens over the years. This doesn’t mean that these belts can’t be used: it is as simple as punching new holes in the belt when it gets too loose to use the original ones. You can do this using a tool yourself, or you can take it to your local cobbler who can do it for you. This means that one belt can be used for many years, even when it stretches over time. Which brings us neatly onto our next frequently asked question…

How long does a leather belt last?

The truth is, a leather belt can last as long as its wearer, when treated correctly. There are some easy ways to make sure that your leather belt will last as long as you would like it to: firstly, as seen above, when it stretches out over time, make sure to punch new holes in the leather, either yourself or using a local cobbler. Secondly, make sure to keep your belt clean. This is best done with hot, soapy water and a sponge. This is especially important when you have a polo belt style belt, like the ones you will find on our website, as the threading means there are more crevices for dirt to get lodged in: although it can easily be scrubbed out with some soapy water as stated. Thirdly, keep it nourished by using a leather cream to keep the surface enriched. Lastly, if your belt gets damaged in any way, make sure to get it repaired. We have a repair service for any belts that get damaged in life’s adventures, so get in touch with us if you snag a thread or your buckle gets broken. The short answer is, if you take care of your leather belt, it will last a lifetime.

How much is a polo belt and where can I buy it?

A polo belt costs around £80, and you can buy them from the pampeano website. Our iconic polo-inspired pampeano belts are much loved all around the world, and come in all kinds of designs. There is some variation in price, depending on the design, but one thing is certain: you do get value for your money. As explained above, all of our belts are designed and hand crafted using traditional heritage techniques and can last a lifetime; and most importantly, they look great. So you’re in the right place: why not browse our website for our full range of pampeano polo belts, including exclusive designs you won’t find anywhere else.