Elle Florence for pampeano

Elle Florence

London Fashion Week is over and the Autumn weather is upon us, but as we start to put away our denim cut-offs, summer dresses and daisy chain hair pieces to be rediscovered in another year, we can happily keep our pampeano polo belts out. Our collections have been growing and we've been teaming the various widths and colourways both around the waist and on the hips with everything from dresses to chinos. As the jumpers and gilets start to make an appearance, we thought that we would enlist the help of one of our favourite fashion bloggers to show us how she will be styling her pampeano polo belt this Autumn.


Meet Elle Florence, the beautiful young lawyer who impressively balances her career with her love for all things fashion and beauty. You can find her on www.elleflorence.com, her lifestyle blog which will have you spending hours blissfully lost in enviable realms of fashion, handbags, cosmetics, food, decor and stunning photography.

As if she is not busy enough, Elle also has her own hugely succesful Youtube channel running alongside which is where you will find her sharing her newest accessory, a pampeano polo belt. Our Argentine leather dog collar and matching dog lead set also make a pleasant appearance.