Dressing your polo belt

When it comes to polo belts pampeano offer an exciting plethora of options. Our ranges are full of adventurous possibilities and classic touches.

A pampeano belt can be a great starting point for an outfit. When you wear it you should feel inspired.

With a top quality leather belt like this the potential is boundless. Here our some of our fashions ideas for dressing a polo belt to get you started on your journey.

A pampeano polo belt can be a great way to add your own detailing to chic, modern looks, and polo whites. A dark brown, buttery polo belt provides deep contrast with immaculate whites in crisp outfits like this.

Dressing a polo belt: ideas for men

A polo belt can be a really good alternative to a classic leather belt for timeless outfits. Here a Havana brown leather pampeano belt adds a new dimension to this tried and tested preppy look.

A polo belt can also be a great, everyday, hard wearing belt. Here it works as a great addition to a casual white shirt and jeans.

Dressing a polo belt: ideas for women

A classic, but casual approach when dressing with a polo belt always looks great and reflects the origins of this luxury leather product in the Argentine mountains. So first of all why not keep it simple, and pair it with a good pair of jeans and an understated top. Dressing in this way also leaves you free to be adventurous in your choice of patterned belt and really make this a highlight.

For another great look (perfect for sunny days) pair your polo belt with a loose dress, or long, flowing top. The belt helps to give the dress shape and adds detailing. Using a polo belt really freshens this look up and gives it a real twist.

Here our model wears a black leather belt to match this smart, glamorous outfit. 

The versatility of a polo belt can really start to come into its own when you decide to get adventurous and explore other ways of wearing it. A polo belt can be a great accessory for outfits with a boho or ranch feel. This makes it a must have for elegant but outdoorsy outfits and festival wardrobes.

Try pairing a pampeano polo belt with a shawl or poncho to achieve this look. Accessorise with with festival beads and jewellery.

When it comes to polo belts, there’s room to get creative in how you wear yours. Why not have a look at our collections for further inspiration?